Karen Morris Millinery: New Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

Karen Morris Millinery: New Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

Karen Morris Millinery

New Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

This collection of hats and headbands are beautifully tailored for both winter occasions and casual styles.

Polka Dots, Houndstooths and Plaid/Tartan are dateless patterns in the fashion world. They are also Karen’s favorite patterns. These patterns are selected to be in FW23 collection – “Forever Patterns” for our exclusive customers. Felt fedoras, cloches, or casual wool caps, berets are the perfect warm accessories for the colder climate.

Karen Morris Millinery | 1975 Oakcrest Avenue5Roseville, MN 


GLOW is back, and brighter than ever! – St. Paul, MN

Art Shanty Projects 2024 Artists + Performers – Minneapolis, MN

Art Shanty Projects 2024 Artists + Performers – Minneapolis, MN

Photo: Max Haynes

Art Shanty Projects is returning to Bdé Umáŋ / Lake Harriet in South Minneapolis, Saturday, January 20th thru Thursday, February 1th, 2024. The month-long program features sonically satisfying, visually dazzling and community-engaged offerings that embrace the challenges and opportunities of winter through immersive, adventuresome, participatory art.

We are proud to host these artists in celebration of our 20 years of weird & wonderful winters!

Check out the program overview and individual project pages for all the fun details!


Close-Knit Pavilion
Sundus Al-Bayati, Amelia Rosenbush, Kate Zimmerman

Curious Cairns
Karly Bergmann, Lauryl Bergmann, Ben Paul

Free Store Shanty
Shanty Friends Supergroup

Frozen Myth: Mastering Winter Shadows
Kara Faye Gregory, Jesus Li

Hot Box: Disco Inferno
Joe Fagerhaugh, Jei Herald-Zamora, Nick Knutson, Morgan Lust, Ryan North

La Casa de los Sueños de Colores 2.0
Alexander Aleman,  Mikha Dominguez

Magical Nature Center and Conservation Area
Eva Adderley, Dan DeMarco, Waverly Booth, Zara TM, Mary Jo Nikolai

Mesmerized by Books: Banned Book Reading Room
Cyrus Carlson, Jerry Carlson, Rachel Coyne

Robin Garwood and Sam Price

Northern Star Film Studio
Greg Bates, Jason Buranen, Sam Granum, Shannon Troy Jones, Michael LoPresti

Performance Stage
Anthony Chapin, Louis Kaufman, Richard Parnell

Reduce Reuse Re-Xylophone
Mady Gulon; Marshall King; Jakob Mahla; Derek Ronding

Alan Berg, Elisabeth Farrell, Bridget Lynch, Ian Nystrom

Tiny Treasure House
Team Treasure

Welcome Shanty
Designed and constructed by students at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. Remodeled and staffed by the board members of Art Shanty Projects.

Wicked Winter
Wicked Winter Witches


Atop the Above
Felicia Cooper

Community Sing on Ice
Sarina Partridge

fro-gahhh: yoga for the planet and the people
Bridges through Yoga

Hula Hoop Hoopla
Minneapolis Hoop Jams

Ice Pirate Radio

Kith + Kin On Ice
Kith + Kin Chorus

Klezmer on Ice
rafa kern, Sarah Larsson, Or Levinson, Josh Rosard, Ilya Shneyveys, Danny Lentz, Pat O’Keefe, Caleb Likely, Di Bayke Klezmer Band

Ladies of the Lost Continent
Monica Rojas

Lady Bear Returns!
Tony Chapin, Kim Ford, Meg Juedes, Merrill Stringer, Robert Werling, Sherry Zimmerman

OPM Painter Present: Still Life Painting when Life Won’t Stand Still
Winter Plein Air Painters from Outdoor Painters of Minnesota

Pollinator Frenzy
Terry McDaniel & the Minnesota Native Pollinators

Prairie Fire Lady Choir
Prairie Fire Lady Choir

Taiko on Ice
TaikoArts Midwest

Twin Cities Native Lacrosse

The World’s Only Wearable Art Contraption Parade on Ice!
ArtStart and Minnesota ArtCars

Three Ring Goose Circus
Henry Kneiszel, Alyssa Lucas, Jess Morgan

Winter Life Outta Sight
Will Bjorndal

Map, amenities, and performance schedule (and a few more projects!) to be announced later in November!

A giant zoetrope shanty made of shiny metallic material
Union Depot Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration & Movie Night – St. Paul, MN

Union Depot Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration & Movie Night – St. Paul, MN

Join Union Depot for the exciting annual Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration & Movie

The celebration will begin at 5:00 PM with the reveal of the St. Paul Winter Carnival 2024 Button, live concert by The Mistletones and holiday activities. Enjoy complimentary hot chocolate, photo ops, craft stations and giveaways for kids.
At 7:00 PM guests will move outside to the North Plaza for the tree lighting celebration followed by a short but thrilling fireworks display and Holiday sing-a-long. Followed at 7:30 PM warm up inside the Waiting Room with Movie Night featuring the holiday favorite, Elf! Concessions will be available for purchase including popcorn! You are encouraged to bring blankets for extra seating. We will have chairs available.

European Chistmas Market, Union Depot, Saint Paul

Visit the European Christmas Market on the East Plaza while you’re here! Shop for unique, handmade holiday gifts and decorations from local vendors and taste European inspired food.


Union Depot Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration & Movie Night

Saturday, December 2nd

5:00 PM: St. Paul Winter Carnival 2024 Button Reveal
5:30 PM – Holiday performance by The Mistletones
7:00 PM – Tree lighting ceremony
7:30 PM – Movie night featuring Elf

This is a free community event open to the public. No tickets are necessary.


Union Depot
219 Kellogg Blvd East
 St. Paul, MN


Wurtele Thrust Stage – Guthrie Theater: A Christmas Carol – Minneapolis, MN

Five bus shelters and three rail crossing houses were adorned with designs created by local artists!

Five bus shelters and three rail crossing houses were adorned with designs created by local artists!

Metro Transit 

Across the system, there are now 100 permanent pieces of public art and 20 temporary works, including wrapped bus shelters.

When graffiti appears on transit, employees remove it as soon as possible. At the same time, efforts to prevent costly and time-consuming damage from occurring in the first place are also expanding. In recent weeks, five bus shelters and three rail crossing houses were adorned with designs created by local artists.
History suggests putting art on these fixed objects will make them less of a target for graffiti and vandalism. The work can also brighten people’s days, as one artist experienced even before the paint was dry.
On her last day of painting, artist Jennifer Davis was thanked by a train operator passing by her near the Green Line’s Prospect Park Station. “It made my day,” Davis said.
Artist Taylor Berman painted crossing houses near the Blue Line’s 38th Street Station and south of U.S. Bank Stadium Station, where the Blue and Green lines split.

The artists who created designs recently installed on bus shelters include:

Martha Bird (Franklin Ave. and Chicago Ave.)
Alyssa Stormes (Bloomington Ave. S. and East Lake St.)
Briauna Williams (Regent Ave. N. and Brooklyn Blvd.)
Mandel Cameron (Lyndale Ave. and Lake St.)
Briauna Williams (Zane Ave. N. at 65th Ave. N.)
Learn more about our public art program here.



Herbst’s Hard-Won Harvest – St. Paul, MN 

Herbst’s Hard-Won Harvest – St. Paul, MN 

Photos by Tim Evans

Herbst’s concord grape ice cream with sesame mousse on milk toast.

Chef Eric Simpson’s ambitious farm-to-table menu attests to the Upper Midwest’s agricultural bounty — and its ultimate precarity

Smashed kohlrabi, juniper poppy seed vinaigrette

A grey bowl with a dish of smashed kohlrabi pieces dressed with poppyseeds, sprigs of dill, and slivers of shallot.

Simpson sometimes uses turnips in this dish, depending on the season.

Herbst’s smashed kohlrabi dish, finished with dill, shallot, and a juniper poppy seed vinaigrette, has a cool minerality, like rose quartz or snowmelt. Simpson, having spent ample time in fine dining restaurants, grew tired of radishes and turnips sliced into wafers and held in water until they’re tasteless. He smashes the kohlrabi with a spatula or the palm of his hand right before it’s doused in the vinaigrette, expelling the vegetable’s volatile oils. There’s a certain risk to a smashed raw vegetable dish — “Dishes like this can piss off our customers when that’s not what they want, right?” — but he keeps one on the menu, rotating the kohlrabi with radishes (“It’s all about minerals and black pepper”) and turnips, which have a “beautiful alkalinity that comes across like horseradish.” It’s a delicate game, though: When Simpson last trekked south to Hidden Stream Farm to replenish his kohlrabi stock, the farmer he visited had lost his entire crop to a freak hailstorm.

“It’s a very different reality when you’re working this close to the source,” says Simpson. “It’s a huge investment of time, money, and brainpower to have it all disappear with one storm.”

Caramelized red kuri squash, creamed kale, Calabrian honey

Rings of orange squash over chunks of squash, finished with shavings of Parmesean, basil leaves, and pistachios, with a kale puree beneath the squash.
The squash is finished with a dusting of crushed pistachios.

Simpson insists that Herbst’s red kuri squash and creamed kale dish isn’t as complex as it looks. The squash is braised gently in a Parmesan broth, then caramelized in a hot honey infused with Calabrian chile. The creamed kale beneath, he says, is prepared European style — it’s a true puree, with a smooth, even texture. Small morsels of lightly grilled kale nestle beneath the squash, too. As for the glistening red kuri rings, Simpson cuts the squash on a slicer and cooks the rings in a glucose syrup. “It has the approach of making a sugar chip without the sweetness,” he says. “Then they’re just dehydrated. It looks like a pain, but it’s really not.” All the elements in this dish, save for the Parmesan, pistachio, and Calabrian chiles, are produced by the farmers of the Wisconsin Growers Cooperative.

Creste di gallo, chicken liver, black truffles

A beige stone bowl with creste di gallo pasta in a chicken liver sauce, topped with shaved black truffles and Parmesan.
The creste di gallo furls delicately at one edge.

Simpson says he steers clear of uber-rich dishes — but this chicken liver pasta, dotted with wafer-like black truffles, is the exception. It’s best fit for snowy nights. The livers come from Wild Acres, north of Brainerd, which supplies Herbst with 10 to 20 pounds a week. Simpson processes them with water instead of the typical heavy cream, keeping them ferric and light, and adds butter, honey, sherry vinegar, and salt. The black truffles, a coarser counterpart to white truffles, are sourced from Forage North, a local wild mushroom forager. Simpson finds a certain humility in both the livers and the truffles. “Customers say ‘Why aren’t they shaving them tableside?’” says Simpson. “It’s because you don’t shave black truffles tableside — they need the warmth of the food to build their flavor. White truffles don’t have flavor, they only have aroma.”

Grilled pork, coffee, grapefruit, caramelized garlic

A beige stone plate with hunks of roasted pork, a base of pureed, deep-green oregano, and chicory greens on top.
These glossy winter greens come from Waxwing Farm, less than an hour’s drive south from the Twin Cities.

This pork is grilled, glazed with coffee and malt, then drizzled in a vinaigrette of caramelized garlic, coffee, olive oil, and vinegar. Simpson finishes the plate with pine-dark chicory greens, a cold-weather crop from Waxwing Farm in Webster, Minnesota. An oregano emulsion is pooled at the base of the pork, which comes from the Dover Producers collective. “A lot of those ingredients are not in their primary roles everyone associates with them,” says Simpson. “The garlic is roasted to the point that the sugars are caramelized — it’s almost crispy on the outside, firm, [from] slow roasting it.” The coffee gives smoke and earth; the vinaigrette gives acid and floral notes. “There’s a lot of translation of farm math into restaurant math,” says Simpson. “When pigs are coming in at three dollars a pound for a whole animal, it’s like, oh my God, I have to translate this into how much a steak costs.” After Simpson buys the pork from the Dover farmers, he has it processed at JM Watkins, a small butcher in Plum City, Wisconsin.

Grilled milk toast, sesame mousse, Concord grape ice cream

A beige stone plate with a half-slice of milk toast, topped with sesame mousse and purple concord grape ice cream.
An ethereal PB & J creation, from pastry chef Maria Beck.

This Concord grape ice cream, sesame mousse, and ethereal milk toast dessert is the work of Herbst’s pastry chef Maria Beck. “The milk bread that she made for this is one of my favorite things,” says Simpson. “It’s such a simple bread, but it’s just so comforting and light and fluffy and delicious, and it toasts really nicely.” The PB & J connotations of this dish are strong, he says — both he and Beck are playful with the dessert menu, evoking familiar childhood flavors in simple forms. The Concord grapes actually come from the Pierachs’ farmhouse in the Driftless Area. When they first moved there, Simpson says, the property had a host of dead grape vines — but in the past few years, they’ve sprung back to life. This season, the Pierachs harvested about 120 pounds of grapes.

Herbst is open all nights of the week, with a special late-night menu on weekends starting at 10 p.m. Catch the fall menu before it’s gone.


Herbst Eatery & Farm Stand

779 Raymond Avenue
St. Paul, MN

Justine Jones is the editor of Eater Twin Cities.

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