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DIIN inspires, guides, and enables us within North and travelers from near and far with curated content to have deeper, richer, and more meaningful

experiences with Minnesota’s many culturally and faceted things to-do weekly: events, style, art, people, shop, eat, drink!

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  DIIN by the numbers:

Since launch in 2019, DIIN is building on 26,500+ unique visitors with 58,900+ page views across the website platform.

The DIIN newsletter reaches over 1,100+ subscribers per week with an impressive average open rate over 35.0%.

DIIN site posts are promoted daily/weekly via social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Minnesota by the numbers:

Minnesota population in 2023 is estimated to be 5.8 million and its 22nd populous state in US, area is 86,950 sq miles (225,163 sq km), area rank is 12th largest in the United States.

Its Capital is St. Paul and other top cities are Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth and Bloomington.  Minnesota is ranked the top third best out of ten states to live in the USA 2023.

Capital: Saint Paul

GDP: $349. 5 Billion

College Educated: 48.8%

Gender ratio: 50.25% females and 49.75% males in the state.

Median Age: 37.8 years

Overall Marriage Rate: 51.7%

Average Earnings: $77,706

Net worth: $648,178


Sources: DIIN; Google Analytics 

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