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ICYMI: Omforme Interior Design: The Foley Mansion Restoration – St. Cloud, MN

Mar 24, 2024 | art/design

Image: Taylor Hall O’brien

Omforme Interior Design: It’s been a long run. The details intricate, the challenges almost insurmountable, but the end is in sight and I’m so proud of how this near wreck of a home has gained its Phoenix like wings to soar again.

I have been working on this historical restoration of @the_foley_mansion for 2.5 years. Every ounce of my expertise in historical design has been engaged. It is a pure privilege to work on such an iconic and enormous home. Every old photo, every artisan and craftsman who blessed us with their old world skills, I thank you deeply for the priceless contribution. This is the biggest restoration project I’ve ever accomplished and it ain’t over yet; we’ve got to fill the home with style and substance through furnishings ready to delight those who live in the 21st century. Containers full of exquisite pieces will soon have a life inside this magnificent home. This place will once again be cherished, offering its grace upon the public as an events space so that all in the community can partake and enjoy what was once lost, but now reborn. Please follow @the_foley_mansion and help us become a success story !

Gallery: Foley Mansion

Star Tribune: After a fire destroyed St. Cloud’s Foley Mansion 22 years ago, the iconic 1889 residence has risen from the ashes and is ready for its close-up as a first-time-ever event space.

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