ICYMI: Chip’s Clubhouse in St. Paul Restaurant Opened to Answer the Call for Comfort Food

ICYMI: Chip’s Clubhouse in St. Paul Restaurant Opened to Answer the Call for Comfort Food

A powerhouse trio has gathered to create sandwich greatness on Snelling Avenue. Tara Coleman, Gina Mangiameli, and Tim Leary have opened Chip’s Clubhouse on Snelling Avenue in Mac/Groveland. The new spot is right next to Coleman’s first restaurant, Hot Hands Pie & BiscuitsThe menu is packed with Americana comforts done beautifully, like prime rib sandwiches, a giant roll crammed full of sausage, roast chicken, and an $8 cheeseburger ready to rival other, pricier smashed burgers around town.

Coleman arrived in St. Paul with impressive experience, including having worked for Stefanie Izard in Chicago, to open Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits in 2019. Even with the pandemic, her flakey wares were popular enough to add delivery and expand hours.

Coleman recruited Mangiameli, who she worked with in Izard’s restaurant and was most recently with Hogsalt, to move here from Chicago to help launch the venture.

Chip’s Clubhouse team of Gina Mangiamel, Tara Coleman, and Tim Leary at a table inside the darkly colored restaurant

Chip’s Clubhouse / Instagram

Gina Mangiameli, Tara Coleman, and Tim Leary

Then, through a serendipitous meeting involving dog walking and friends, Coleman connected with Tim Leary. Leary’s hospitality is well-known in the Twin Cities metro area, from his early days at the iconic Strip Club Meat & Fish to more recent days at Hai Hai in Minneapolis. Before Coleman could even finish telling Leary about her new plans, he interrupted her, “I’m in.”

“Chip’s is what I used to dream about when I was line cooking,” said Coleman. “Like when you say, ‘Man, if I could open a place with three of myself it’d be a little easier!’” But, rather than strike an ability to clone herself, Coleman’s partnered with two equally driven and talented pros.

 Chip’s Clubhouse is open Thursday through Sunday for dinner dine in, carryout, and delivery.


North Designer: Beck Thompson – Minneapolis, MN


10 Hottest New Restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul Right Now!

10 Hottest New Restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul Right Now!

Fried masa topped with fresh goodies, sticky racks of ribs, and more

A study in crispies from Petite Leon: all the fresh, fried, and fun textures in one dish | Lucy Hawthorne
Welcome back to the Eater Twin Cities, here is a collection of exciting new restaurants that have opened, or re-opened recently. Nothing has been normal in the past year plus thanks to the pandemic, but the hospitality industry, especially the industrious souls in Minneapolis and St. Paul, continue to find  creative, and fun ways to serve fantastic food!

Fresh for June, we welcome The Butcher’s Tale and Storm King, BBQ.

1. Josefina

739 Lake St E
Wayzata, MN 55391

Josefina is the latest restaurant from chef Daniel del Prado. On the menu are pasta, veggies, and pizza inside the former Bellecour location on Wayzata’s main drag. It’s a perfect summer stop after a day on nearby Lake Minnetonka. The bright dining room and bar are airy, open, filled with natural light and white paint. The patio out back is tucked away from the busy street. Reservations are available online.

2. Sooki & Mimi

1432 W 31st St
Minneapolis, MN 55408

The five course tasting experience is evolving into a three course menu set up in its summer iteration that begins serving on June 16 There are also seats at the bar or outside available with snacks and cocktails from Adam Gorski. Dishes celebrate all the ways masa can transform with ingredients from James Beard Award winning chef Ann Kim’s Korean heritage, tastes indigenous to Minnesota and more. Make a reservation online.

A long view of the dining room from the left side of the room shows a second smooth, white curved bar, with round, wood-topped stools.
The sun dappled dining room and bar inside Sooki & Mimi
 Jes Lahay

3. The Butcher’s Tale

1121 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 236-4075

Visit Website

What was once The Butcher & the Boar has been reborn as The Butcher’s Tale with chef Peter Botcher at the helm. Returning from the old days is a menu filled with smoky meats both inside and out in the year-round beer garden.

4. Bar La Grassa

800 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 333-3837

Visit Website

A legion of fans have been crying out for James Beard Award winning chef Isaac Becker’s beloved pasta restaurant in the North Loop. Finally, those tried and true dishes are back, and being served inside. Reservations are hard to come by and get snapped up fast.

5. Petite León

3800 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 208-1247

Visit Website

Chef Jorge Guzman and masterful bar man Travis Serbus’ intimate restaurant is pushing boundaries both on the plate and in the glass. The intimate dining room is ideal for romantic date nights.

A stark black dish with a black central line of charred bits decorated with pops of yellow and lavender. A pool of golden sauce sits off to the side and a faint dusting of gold powder decorates the top left side of the plate.
This intimate restaurant is serving fresh, new cocktails and artful dishes
 Lucy Hawthorne


729 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 448-5247

Visit Website

Just how exciting can a wrap be? Well, what if it’s pepperoni, salami, and cheese augmented by some Hot Cheeto crunch? This new North Loop stand is angling to be a handheld food destination with creative and fun stuffings, all built to travel well, and destroy a big appetite.

7. Sanjusan

33 N 1st Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 354-7763

Visit Website

Open inside Kado No Mise (the sushi restaurant has moved upstairs) Sanjusan is a mix of Italian dishes pushed through a Japanese lens. Serving dishes that are a stunning mix of Japanese and Italian cuisines. The menu offers ribeye nigiri, raw tuna topped pizzas, fresh pasta dressed in uni and crab meat, and more.

A white plate close up of ravioli under shredded cheese
Japanese Italian means plenty of fresh pasta with light and delicate treatments, like this shrimp stuffed ravioli
 Sanjusan [Official]

8. Sidebar at Surdyk’s

303 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 455-2574

Visit Website

Sidebar at Surdyk’s opened briefly last fall before the weather, and pandemic, took a turn for the worse. Now, it’s back refreshed, honed, and aiming to be a destination this spring. Chef Randall Prudden, who had worked at Spoon and Stable and Alinea previously, has put together a fun and easy to explore menu of seasonally mindful ingredients. Don’t miss the bright and light crudo or the tartare.

A giant silver bowl on the copper bar filled with ice and bottles of wine
The wine is flowing at Sidebar again and the food is even better than ever
 Jes Lahay

9. Boomin Barbecue

949 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Kick off ‘cue season at this brand new trailer parked outside Ombibulous. Chef Dylan Boerboom has been a barbecue devotee since he was a kid and now those dreams have reached reality. Follow the trailer on Instagram, as the operation is new enough that hours aren’t steady yet. But Saturday starting at noon until they sell out there will be tender, juicy brisket and more meaty goods for packing off to picnic destinations or feasting on the dashboard.

A giant cutting board covered in brown butcher paper is overwhelmed by an abundance of barbecued brisket with a nice, dark bark and tender pink insides oozing juices
There’s a new barbecue adventure on Hennepin Avenue in Northeast
 Boomin Barbecue/Facebook

10. Chip’s Clubhouse

272 Snelling Ave S #200
St Paul, MN 55105
(651) 330-1617

Visit Website

Chip’s Clubhouse inside the former Monkey Temple location on Snelling Avenue is serving lunch and dinner with a cute little patio. It’s right next to owner Tara Coleman’s first restaurant, Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits. She’s teamed with her friend, and Chicago transplant chef Gina Mangiameli, and local hospitalitarian, Tim Leary. The menu is pure comfort with long-cooked roasts, a french fry sandwich, and a tasty little smash burger. Order online.

Fried Chicken is All We Want to Eat Right Now… and a New Crop of Restaurants Are Here for It

Fried Chicken is All We Want to Eat Right Now… and a New Crop of Restaurants Are Here for It

 Chx Minneapolis/Facebook

As restaurants continue to open, many are focused on crusty comfort food. Fried chicken claims the dubious honor of being 2020’s favorite food!

Eater Twin Cities: There isn’t much the world can agree on right now, with a global pandemic launching a legion of armchair epidemiologists, pundits, and educators, but even as the dumpster fire of a year drifts on, there is one sign of hope. It is crispy battered, fried, juicy, hot and readily available: fried chicken.

These new eateries are opening with focus place firmly on crispy, hot, juicy, bird with a couple of vegan approximations of the dish to make this comfort dining even more inclusive.


Chicken Republic – Minneapolis

Opening on September 30, this new fried chicken-centric restaurant is a part of a virtual food hall from Luke Shimp, who also owns the Red Rabbit and Red Cow restaurants. There are several online only restaurants to delivery food around the metro area. Chicken Republic will serve fried chicken sandwiches on brioche buns and whole fried chickens. The chicken will be available dipped hot, sweet and spicy, basic, and more. There are also vegan chicken fingers on the menu.

Chx – Minneapolis

Walk-up ready chicken fingers and crinkle cut fries are available from a window at Uptown’s Pourhouse. The menu is lean and focused with buttery biscuits rounding out the offerings. There are no fancy rubs, no flavor options to choose from, just simple, comforting crusty battered fingers and a line down the street. Orders are only available on site for now, with plans to expand to delivery in the future, once they get caught up with the current high demand.

A hand dips a chicken finger in a rosy, peppery sauce. A basket with blue and white checked paper holds crispy chicken fingers and crinkle cut fries


Nashville Coop – St. Paul

This new St. Paul restaurant on Snelling Avenue has been sporting lines out the door since opening. The business went from the most popular new food truck of the season to a permanent location earlier this month. According to the its owners, the popularity of this crispy fried fingers served either on their own with a side of fries or in sandwich form, are causing a strain on chicken suppliers. Open for lunch and dinner, the chicken often sells out. Order it gently spiced or crazy hot, with a couple of spice levels in between.

A seriously spiced, crispy fried chicken breast dominates a buttery bun with pickle rounds on the top and bottom with a layer of slaw on the bottom. Juices are dripping off the sandwich and pooling on the plate.

The hot is no jokeNashville Coop/Facebook

Ope! at Saint Dinette – St. Paul

Saint Dinette in Lowertown has been pivoting all over the place in the era of the new now. Currently, the eatery is running a pop-up called Ope! that includes a selection of Minnesota-friendly dishes, including seven layer salad, tuna noodle casserole and fried chicken tenders. Served with the requisite ranch on the side.

Wendy’s House of Soul – Minneapolis

Newly relocated restaurant has brought its signature soul rolls to a new part of North Minneapolis. Also on the menu are a collection of saucy and dry rubbed wings, also available as part of a meal deal with waffles, whipped butter, and maple syrup.

Several containers are overflowing with wings piled up and covered with different sauces. A doughnut sits in the middle of the table, a nod to the location inside Glam Doll Donuts Northeast location where B.A.D. Wingz will open

Get the bird or vegetarian wings saucy at this new spot in NortheastB.A.D. Wingz/Facebook

B.a.d. Wingz

This is the second restaurant from Gerard and Brittany Klass. The duo also own Soul Bowl, known for neo-soul food as well as some legendary fried chicken sandwiches. The new spot operates inside the Northeast Glam Doll Donuts. On the menu are both chicken and some vegan wings to appease all lovers of fried things and a side of ranch.


Tracking Which Twin Cities Restaurant Patios Are Open Summer 2020

Tracking Which Twin Cities Restaurant Patios Are Open Summer 2020

Hai Hai is just one of the patios open again and serving                 Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities


Eater Twin Cities: Restaurants across the metro area have put out tables on existing patios, in parking lots, and on sidewalks to welcome back diners now that the restrictions have been loosened on the industry. Guests are asked to wear masks, and all staffs will be masked, and precautions are put in place.

These patios are currently open, but check with the restaurants for individual days and hours of operation.

Disclosure: Studies indicate that there is a lower exposure risk to the coronavirus when outdoors, but the level of risk involved with patio dining is contingent on restaurants following strict social distancing and other safety guidelines.

These restaurants have spaced out seats and are serving:




Como Tap


Gardens of Solonica

Hai Hai

Indeed Brewing

Kieran’s Kitchen


Market BBQ

Psycho Suzi’s

Sociable Cider Werks

Stanley’s Barroom

Stray Dog

Downtown/North Loop

Brit’s Pub


Darby’s Pub & Grill

Finnegans Brew Co.

Fulton Brewing

The Loop

Kado No Mise


The Newsroom

Nolo’s Kitchen


ONE Fermentary and Taproom


Red Rabbit

Smith And Porter

Smack Shack

Stillheart Distillery

Eat Street


Nicollet Diner


Cafe Ena

Apoy – Filipino Bistro

Fireroast Cafe


Hola Arepa

Minneapolis Cider Company

Maria’s Cafe

Mill Valley Market

Northbound Smokehouse


Sebastian Joe’s

Tap Society


Agra Culture

Amazing Thailand

Amore Uptown

Black Walnut Bakery

CC Club

The Lynhall



Prieto Taqueria Bar

The Tasting Room


The Howe


Sonora Grill

Merlin’s Rest

Hi Lo Diner

Peppers and Fries

The Bungalow Club

Longfellow Grill

Prospect Park


St. Paul

Alary’s Bar

Bad Weather Brewing

Cafe Astoria

Day by Day Cafe

Dual Citizen Brewing

Foxy Falafel

French Meadow on Grand

Handsome Hog (new location)

Hope Breakfast Bar

Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits

Iron Ranger

Joans in the Park

Keg & Case

La Grolla

Lake Monster Brewing

The Lexington

Louis (Above Cossetta’s)

Moscow on the Hill

Nico’s Tacos and Tequila Bar

Parlour Bar

Patrick McGovern’s

Red Rabbit


Skinner’s Pub and Eatery


W.A. Frost

Waldmann Brewery

Yumi Sushi


6 Smith Wayzata

Agra Culture

B52 Burgers and Brew


Badger Hill Brewery


Bald Man Brewing



Birch’s on the Lake

The Block

Cedar + Stone

Dampfwerk Distillery

Doolittles Woodfire Grill

Fat Nat’s

Good Day Cafe

The Grocer’s Table

Haskell’s Port



Jimmy’s Kitchen

Lola’s Lakehouse

Lord Fletcher’s

Lucky’s 13 Pub

LTD Brewing

Main Street Farmer

Marna’s Eatery


McHugh’s Public House

Mill Valley Kitchen

Monkey Table

Nine twenty five

Nonna Rossa

Park Tavern

Pub 819


Rock Elm Tavern

Urbana Craeft Kitchen

Yumi Sushi


eater twin cities

Twin Cities Food Media Predict 2020 Headlines

Twin Cities Food Media Predict 2020 Headlines

Malcolm Yards Market is one of the highly anticipated food hall openings expected in 2020                                      Malcolm Yards Market [Official] 

Wrapping up 2019, we’ve been looking back on the year, as is Eater tradition, with the help of members of the local food media. We’ve talked about the best, the most obnoxious, the restaurants we can count on and in our final installment, we look ahead. These are our headline predictions for 2020.

Jess Fleming of the Pioneer Press, “As costs rise and consumers reject price increases, the Twin Cities dining scene will begin a shift to the suburbs.”

Sharyn Jackson of the Star Tribune, “X location is cursed, Downtown is dangerous, Uptown is dead.

Mike Marcotte of Twin Cities Live, “The former Rosa Mexicano/Prime 6 spot will remain empty, which is a shame. On Nicollet Mall, another spot will open and close in the Ling & Louie’s/Randle’s/Rojo spot. The suburbs will see even more restaurants opening that are worth the visit. And there’s free parking!”

Sarah Bumble and Em Cassel of City Pages, “More tears over minimum wage, more food halls, floundering breweries

Nancy Ngo of the Pioneer Press, “Hand-pulled and hand-rolled everything. Plant-based alternatives. Mushroom mania. Spins on the Big Mac. Zero-waste.”

James Norton, food editor of Growler Magazine, “Food halls are gonna… something. Start to fail? Redouble their expansion? There’s so much money being shoved into this sector on a somewhat experimental basis, and it’s really exciting, but I think everyone’s still searching for the formula that clicks best with the region.”

Joy Summers, editor Eater Twin Cities, “That beloved restaurant institution you only visit once a year closes.”

twin cities eater

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