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Oct 30, 2020 | evergreen, shop/share

Welcome to Neighborhood Roots, the nonprofit that brings you Fulton, Kingfield and Nokomis Farmers Markets! More dates and new location for the Neighborhood Roots Winter Market. We will be outside all winter at our Fulton Farmers Market location (49th & Chowen).
Fulton Market sprouted from the desire of Fulton residents to establish a gathering place where neighbors could meet, socialize, shop locally, and thus strengthen their community. The Fulton Neighborhood Association was instrumental in the creation of the farmers market, providing the market with its founding grant in 2011 as it joined forces with the Kingfield Farmers Market.  Today, Fulton Farmers Market offers something for market-goers of all ages, be it a wide range of traditional & heirloom vegetables, delicious fruits, breads & pastries, weekly storytime, music, or other fun & educational programming.  We look forward to continuing to grow with the neighborhood.


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To bring neighbors together to buy, eat and learn about local food. We support local farmers and small businesses, promote vibrant community and affect important changes in food and agriculture policy.


  • Relationships – To engage the community at all levels including neighbors, vendors, and businesses.  We strive to make the community stronger by being part of it.
  • Integrity – To be honest and transparent in the work we do, striving to create quality and a sustainable future for our community
  • Inclusiveness – We strive to create an active and engaged customer base, ensuring all are welcome and respected at our markets.


Kingfield Farmers Market was launched in 2001 in cooperation with the Kingfield Neighborhood Association.  After years of growth, the market emerged as its own nonprofit in 2008, becoming the foundation for what is now known as the organization Neighborhood Roots.

In 2010 the then-Kingfield Farmers Market board of directors was approached by the Fulton Neighborhood Association, asking for guidance in setting up a farmers market for that neighborhood. The Fulton Farmers Market was officially launched in 2011. With the creation of this new market, we expanded our educational programming, increased the professional capacity of the organization by adding a second staff person, and began offering EBT sales options.

2013 brought the launch of our yearly indoor winter market series, and an opportunity for vendors, customers, and community members to connect year-round.  Most recently, Nokomis Farmers Market opened as a pilot project in 2014, after years of discussion with the Hale-Page-Diamond Lake Community Association about their desire for a farmers market in their own neighborhood.

Each year our board of directors takes time to assess how we are doing as an organization and consider how we can continue to serve the community in more and better ways.  For more about our transition to the organizational name “Neighborhood Roots,” check out this blog post here.




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