Glensheen Formal Garden Restoration Officially Reopens! – Duluth, MN

Glensheen Formal Garden Restoration Officially Reopens! – Duluth, MN

Glensheen Gardens

The formal garden is officially reopening to the public for the first time since restoration and reconstruction started. This project has been a long time in the making and couldn’t have happened without the support of so many people, from legislators to construction staff and more.

Our mission at Glensheen is to celebrate preservation, and by completing this critical project while also restoring the gardens to an earlier design & planting plan, we are doing just that.


Natural Beauty

The Congdon estate originally included 22 acres of lakeshore property. At the time, the area was heavily wooded and the shoreline was rugged, yet the Congdons saw the potential for a gracious, formal estate and practical home for a busy family with six children.

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Historic Glensheen 1905-1930: Photographs from the Congdon Estate’s First 25 Years

Charles Wellford Leavitt, Jr. was a civil and landscape engineer with offices in New York City. As the landscape architect of Glensheen, Charles was directed by the Congdons to preserve as much of the natural beauty of the property as possible. He was also charged with making the estate self-sufficient, which required plans for a large vegetable garden, a greenhouse, an orchard, a cow barn and a water reservoir.

Walk through the formal garden each weekend and take advantage of our extended hours on Saturday and Sunday, when we are open late until 7pm. Grounds admission is only $5 or you can explore the grounds after any tour of the house.

3300 London Road
Duluth, MN


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River Arts Alliance: The Art of Fine Furniture 2022 – Winona, MN

River Arts Alliance: The Art of Fine Furniture 2022 – Winona, MN

RIver Arts Alliance

​Curated by local studio furniture maker, TiAnna DeGarmo, this year’s exhibition highlights the artists’ favorite woods and why specific woods are selected for certain pieces. We will explore grain patterns, veneers, and dive deep into the processes based on how these amazing artists use lumber. Proudly sponsored by WNB Financial.

​Gallery shows are free to view. Artwork is for sale, benefitting the Winona County Historical Society and the artist. Regular museum admission applies for the History Center main exhibition hall and archives.

The River Arts Alliance

River Arts Alliance supports and celebrates regional arts and culture by organizing educational programs, community events, and public art projects while promoting opportunities for artists and facilitating collaborations between organizations in the Winona region.

 WInona History Center

160 Johnson Street
​Winona, MN


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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Glass Pumpkin Patch Premiers

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Glass Pumpkin Patch Premiers

Browse through more than 4,000 handblown glass pumpkins and glass garden art made by award-winning, professional glass artists from the Midwest and California at this event presented by the Arboretum Auxiliary. Visitors will also enjoy free glass blowing demonstrations during the display. Support the artisans and the Arboretum by purchasing these handcrafted pumpkins.

Date and Time

Thursday, September 9th thru Sunday, September 11th


Snyder Building and MacMillan Terrace


Reservations are free for Arboretum members and $15 for non-member adults.

 Book Reservations

U of M

3675 Arboretum Drive

 Chaska, MN



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Phillip Koski at Miller Dunwiddie’s new shimmering $293m MSP Silver Ramp – Minneapolis, MN

Phillip Koski at Miller Dunwiddie’s new shimmering $293m MSP Silver Ramp – Minneapolis, MN

Global Design News

Phillip Koski at Miller Dunwiddie’s new shimmering $293m Silver Ramp parking expansion at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport showcases the possibilities for a more multi-module future that is not yet here.

“Airport architects are lucky in that we only really consider high-quality materials that can stand up to crowds of people 24 hours a day,” states Phillip Koski at MDA.

“The challenge is to use the materials to shape spaces people want to spend time in, not just walk through.”

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

Phillip Koski and his design team at Miller Dunwiddie Architects (MDA) have completed the newest, and one of the tallest, structures at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), has gained recognition for engineering and design feats that have created a modern iconic structure for the airport while greatly improving parking capacity and ground transportation services.

The Silver Ramp is a mixed-use, multimodal transportation hub located in the heart of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s Terminal 1 campus.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

Silver Ramp provides approximately 2.1 million square feet of structured parking, approximately three miles of expansion joints, five acres of exterior façade, and 180,000 square feet of conditioned floor space.

Topping out at 11 stories, the Silver Ramp is the new shimmering transit facility catching the eyes of arriving MSP passengers from the view of their aircraft window seats as well as motorists on nearby highways.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

After opening in August 2020, the Silver Ramp added 5,000 additional public parking spaces to the airport campus.

Silver Ramp also serves as the new Terminal 1 transit center, a more sustainable approach to bring together many modes of transportation, including auto rentals, buses, shuttles, the regional light rail system, and even bicycles.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

The ground floor lobby features the tallest escalator in Minnesota (56-feet), one of the several escalators connecting customers directly to one of four auto rental levels where customers pick up and return vehicles.

Built to address increasing parking demand and replace outdated car rental and transit facilities, the project is the capstone effort of a multi-year program to repurpose and optimize real estate within the airport’s land-locked center.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

The project program includes 5,000 parking spaces; new car rental customer service counters and pick-up and drop-off facilities; a transit center for local bus service, passenger and employee shuttles, ground transportation options, and new secure bicycle facilities; and direct connections to the blue Line LRT station as well as an existing underground people mover to the main terminal.

Designing and building the structure brought about tremendous challenges.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

Achieving the goal of maximizing the multi-modal connectivity and pedestrian access to existing Terminal 1 infrastructure required building in a space between existing facilities, bordered by the airfield and adjacent roadways, and over the existing Metro Transit light rail station, located underground.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

“We had to develop some very innovative engineering solutions to tackle the challenges presented by this once in a lifetime project,” said Ben Henderson, Vice President at KimleyHorn, the program manager for the project.

“One of the biggest challenges was designing and constructing a foundation solution that no one would ever see, which spans across the light rail station cavern to safely support the 11-story structure above.”

The engineering solution included designing foundation load transfer beams as long as 90 feet long and 15 feet wide to preserve the structural integrity of the roof of the light rail station cavern below the Silver Ramp.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

Engineering and design partners for the airport also worked to incorporate sustainability throughout the facility, such as the use of long-life construction materials that are recyclable, LED lighting, HVAC and lighting occupancy sensors, low flow plumbing fixtures, electric vehicle chargers, native landscaping, and a universal access design.

The structure can also accommodate a future solar installation that would expand MSP’s solar generation capacity beyond its current 4.3-megawatt capacity from existing rooftop solar panel systems.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

The shimmering beauty of the parking structure was born out of another design and engineering challenge.

To gain design acceptance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), project engineers and architects had to design a façade that would not negatively impact airfield navigation communications.

Traditional precast concrete or metal panel facades could not be used. The solution was the creation of a facade system consisting of 2” square terra cotta baguettes (tubes) spaced five inches apart (on the center).

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

The designers enhanced the visual impact of the structure by creating a custom palette featuring darker colors toward the ground and lighter colors at higher levels.

The building appears to fade into the sky on sunny days.

The exterior cladding of ombre-patterned terracotta baguettes – black, blue, grey, and white – were chosen to harmonize with the existing terminal architecture, and to evoke a structure that is both rooted to the ground while reflecting the moods of the sky.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

As ethereal as the building exterior is, the building’s interiors are based on a candid expression of the weight and orthogonal logic of the supporting structure.

Consisting of a neutral palette of exposed concrete, aluminum frame glazing, and dark masonry walls, the building’s public spaces operate as a neutral background to the colorful ebb and flow of carts, people, and travel gear.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

A lower portion of the west-facing façade also includes a 15,000 square foot aluminum perforated art mural, “Interrupted Landscapes of the Incomer,” by Minneapolis-based photographer Steve Ozone.

The 40-foot-high mural, which can be viewed from the ground and by passengers through the glass windows along the G-C Connector Bridge, features seven portraits that illustrate the stories of newcomers to Minnesota.

MSP is the 17th busiest airport in the United States.

MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center

Project: MSP Airport Silver Ramp Transit Center
Architects: Miller Dunwiddie Architects (MDA)
Design Leader: Phillip Koski
Program Manager: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Construction Coordinator: Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.
General Contractor: PCL Construction
MEP Engineers: Michaud Cooley Erickson
Client: Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)
Photographers: Peter VonDeLinde


Arts + Rec Uptown: Make Better Fun – Minneapolis, MN

The New Luminary Arts Center Opens – North Loop, Minneapolis, MN

The New Luminary Arts Center Opens – North Loop, Minneapolis, MN

Luminary Arts Center is next to MN Opera’s offices on 1st St.

Northloop: With its extensive transformation nearly complete, the new Luminary Arts Center on 1st Street North recently held an open house for with food trucks, live music and open tours with the North Loop invited.

“We really wanted to be able to open it up and invite people in, both of the direct neighborhood community as well as the wider performing arts community before we opened,” said Julia Gallagher, Luminary Arts Center Director.

Formerly known as Lab Theater, the performance venue has undergone a massive renovation, with a new entry and concession area, lighting, seating and acoustic upgrades. Minnesota Opera purchased the building in 2019, in part, to have a smaller venue in addition to the 1,800 seat Ordway Center in St. Paul where most of its performances are held. The Luminary will have seating for about 220.

Minnesota Opera’s first show in this space, Rinaldo, is “a baroque chamber opera that we could never do successfully in The Ordway,” said Gallagher. “So it provides a different type of intimacy and allows for a different type of staging and an expansion to our programming.”

New panels, angled walls and an overhead reflector have been installed to provide better acoustics for the facility, with the historic stone and brick walls in the front and back of the room staying uncovered and unpainted.

The newly-remodeled space won’t just be used for opera. Other arts companies will still use it for theater, dance and variety shows. The theater group Ten Thousand Things will be the first to use the new stage with its play Iphigenia at Aulis September 21st – 25th and September 28th – October 2nd.

“Obviously our industry is one that was hit incredibly hard (by the pandemic),” said Gallagher. “So to be able to open a space, to feel fairly confident we’re going to be able to have people and performances and make that live art, that’s really exciting.”

New concession area

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer


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MMAM: Sonja Peterson – What the Trade Winds Brought – Winona, MN

MMAM: Sonja Peterson – What the Trade Winds Brought – Winona, MN

Sonja Peterson

MMAM: Minneapolis artist Sonja Peterson creates large-scale artworks, sculptures and installations from complex and intricately cut paper. The interplay between her colorful negative backgrounds, shadows, and foregrounds of paper provide a sense of movement and vibrancy to her subjects. Her works explore the flora, fauna, and the history of travelers above and below the world’s waters.

Sonja Peterson, Ghost Ship, 2016. Hand cut paper & acrylic on wall. (detail)

On view now through September 11th, 2022

From contemporary exhibitions to historic works of art, MMAM engages visitors and the community with great art inspired by water.

This exhibition project is presented by the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, a nonprofit public art museum with additional support from Dr. Phillip and Kate Perry, and other generous contributions from foundations, corporations, individuals, members and volunteers.

Curated by Jon Swanson and Dave Casey

Graphic design by Pelaez Creative


All On-Board: Lakewood Trolley Tours – Minneapolis, MN


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