Tangletown Gardens: Regenerative Agriculture on 140 acre Farm in Plato, MN

Apr 18, 2021 | evergreen, shop/share

As we come into the garden season we want you to know that you can feel good about the plants you take home from Tangletown Gardens.  At our 140 acre Farm in Plato, MN we know the way we treat our land and community shapes our future.

Regenerative agriculture is an everyday practice at Tangletown Gardens. We grow without hormones and toxic chemicals and take great pride in our land.

At the Farm, April brings prep work in the fields and the Greenhouses are bursting at the seams. The first release of early spring annuals and cold tolerant edibles are for sale at the Garden Center. Late spring and summer plants, succulents, and houseplants are awaiting their turn and trees and Shrubs will start arriving.

It is such an exciting time of year because everyday the Garden Center and Shoppe will look different. Stop in daily for best results!


Tangletown Gardens

Voted best garden center in Minneapolis!

Follow as we try to make a difference in the world from our farm & garden center to you: tangletowngardens.

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