All The Hair Color Inspiration You Need For Fall…Beyond Just Your Basic Auburns!

All The Hair Color Inspiration You Need For Fall…Beyond Just Your Basic Auburns!



BYRDIE: With the change of the season, the temperatures drastically drop and so do our normal hair color requests. Simply put, fall is a time of year that embodies transition. The autumn leaves match some of our best hair color trends of the season, ranging in shades from deep auburn and chocolate brown to rich honey blondes and icy-toned highlights. We collected a few tips from our trusted expert to help guide you toward these trending transitional tones.


Caterina Alfieri is an expert hair colorist at New Jersey’s Mancuso Salon. She has mastered effortless yet elegant results ranging from bright blonde foil highlights to lived-in hand-painted balayage, rich brunettes, and all shades of red. Read on for 18 of the best hair colors to consider this fall.

Golden Brown

Fall Hair Colors Golden Brown Bella Hadid

Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean we have to shy away from the warmth in our hair color. To keep your color vibrant all season, Alfieri tells us, “At-home care is imperative to achieving and maintaining any desired hair color, and with so many products on the market, it’s easier now than ever. I love the Gem Lites shampoos for at-home maintenance and refreshing.”


Rich Berry

Fall Hair Colors Berry Burgundy Rihanna

We’re swooning over this rich burgundy for fall knowing all the ways there are to play off accessorizing with this color, even just with a pinch of bright eyeshadow.


Dark Ombré

Fall Hair Colors Dark Ombre Suni Lee

Ombré hair colors are still trending, but brunettes may want to consider keeping things darker and slightly more muted than usual. Instead of a drastic fade from roots to ends, keep your highlights a mere two to three levels lighter than your base color. This will eliminate the need for frequent touch-ups and can extend the time between appointments.


Overgrown Highlights

Fall Hair Colors Overgrown Highlights Gigi Hadid

Overgrown highlights have never been as in style as they are post-quarantine. Alfieri says people are looking for a “hair color that can withstand a long break from the salon and still look good.” These roots don’t bother us one bit.


Caramel Swirls

Fall Hair Colors Caramel Swirl Lily Aldridge

Swirls of rich caramel can in fact make their way into a low-maintenance, dimensional color palette for your locks. When warm hues drip down this effortlessly, they grow out effortlessly and are, therefore easier, to uphold through the long winter ahead.


Goodbye, Brass

Fall Hair Colors Grown Out Dark Highlights Naomi Campbell

Letting your old color fade away is easy with the help of an at-home toner to rid your lingering grown-out highlights of unwanted brassiness. Find a shade that blends seamlessly into your base color for an intentional color revival.



Fall Hair Colors Golden Honey Blonde Beyoncé

It turns out you don’t need to save your warm, honey blonde color goals for next summer. “Warmer tones are complementary on all hair textures and colors,” says Alfieri. “We all have the tones already existing in our hair, it’s just a matter of exposing the right amount of warmth for our natural hair, or the overall look we’re going for.”


Hint of Red

Fall Hair Colors Hint of Red

When contemplating your next hair color, don’t forget to consider your skin’s undertones, Alfieri reminds us. “All undertones can look great with warmth, it’s just where on the spectrum that warmth lies to complement your individual undertone. Pinker skin actually softens with rose gold tones and those with yellow undertones can carry those beautiful rich purple-reds.”


Dimensional Reds

Fall Hair Colors Dimensional Red Emma Stone

For a natural-looking red, try keeping ends a smidge lighter than your color at the roots. It will help keep your color looking lived-in and organic.


Dark Chocolate

Fall Hair Colors Dark Chocolate Brown Sara Sampaio

A rich, dark chocolate brown is always a frequent go-to at this time of year. The key to giving it that velvety dimension is incorporating highlights and lowlights of the same shade with subtle variations.


Pumpkin Spice

Fall Hair Colors Pumpkin Spice Daisy Clementine Smith

Is there anything that screams fall more than pumpkin spice everything? Didn’t think so. If you’re looking to add these warm copper tones into the mix, check out our collection of pumpkin spice hair color ideas here.


Buttery Blonde

Fall Hair Colors Buttery Blonde Ana de Armas

If you’re committed to keeping your blonde intact year-round, try punching the warmth up a notch this season. Adding more golden tones will add a rich, buttery look to your strands, says Alfieri, who reminds us to consider color placement for a softer grow-out, no matter how high the contrast.


Bronze Dimension

Fall Hair Colors Golden Dimension Joyjah Estrada

Braids are a great hairstyle to showcase your hair color’s depth and dimension, and we’re loving the bronze shining through the braids on this natural brunette.


Peaches and Cream

Fall Hair Colors Peaches and Cream Kate Bosworth

This creamy, buttery peach is a beautiful color for that transitional time of year between summer and fall, bouncing off the last of those golden rays.


Refreshed Natural Base

Fall Hair Colors Refreshed Natural Zendaya

To my fellow brunettes out there: To keep your natural base looking fresh this season without changing its hue, turn to a clear gloss every couple of months. This will help your tresses maintain shine and vibrancy. As if you just left the salon with a fresh coat of paint, but you’ll be saying, “this is my natural color.”


Natural Hair Colors Big Red SZA


Cinnamon hair looks great on every skin tone and requires minimal touch-ups. We gathered all the facts on this color trend along with 30 stunning examples for you here.


’90s Face Frame

Fall Hair Colors '90s Face Frame Dua Lipa

A good face frame is typically a brighter shade than the rest of your hair, but when it comes to tone, being intentional with warmth or coolness is a great way to complement your overall color.

Ochre Tips


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No matter your length, a stark contrast of color (like this earthy shade of ochre against Solange’s natural dark base) makes a stunning statement. Dying just the tips makes it easy to trim and/or add color when you’re ready for a change.


reviewed by ASHLEY REBECCA Makeup Artist


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The Shag Haircut Trend Is Getting A Playful & Low Maintenance Update For Fall

The Shag Haircut Trend Is Getting A Playful & Low Maintenance Update For Fall


The Shag Haircut Trend Is Getting A Playful & Low Maintenance Update For Fall

TZR: My friends refer to me as the hair chameleon of the group, and they’re not wrong. Call it boredom or curiosity to try out different curl techniques, but I change my hair three to four times a year. Sometimes I’ll have box braids, a buzz cut, a straight bob, a sew-in, textured pixie, or anything else my heart desires. Keeping a close eye on the major players on Instagram, the inspiration never ends and the want for new continues to burn in me. And after speaking with Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, who told me there are no limits to fall 2022’s haircut trends, I’m pressed to get into a salon to experiment yet again.

“Anything goes this season,” the pro told TZR of autumn’s most in-demand styles. “This is a time to get whatever you’ve always wanted to try,” adds Leysa Carrillo, founder of Forever Curls Academy. With that being said, it’s always a great jumping off point to know all the popular haircut trends for the new season, whether from social media, the red carpet, or your local street style stars. The experts are seeing long face-framing layers and lived-in fringe make their way to the final trimester of the year. Not only that, but sleek French girl bobs and big chops are tempting options to cut it all off for fall.

Ahead, TZR spoke to a couple of celebrity hairdressers for their take on the top haircut trends for fall 2022. The experts are even sharing their go-to products for each cut to maintain the look like a pro.

Extra Long Fringe

Fringe that grazes just above your eyes is all the rage this fall. “The long bang with a shaggy cut is versatile and grows out beautifully,” Carillo tells TZR. “For curls, it’s especially beneficial as it helps transition into a longer round shape.” For easy maintenance, the expert recommends Mizani 25 Miracle Leave-In Cream to aid in curl definition, while simultaneously fighting frizz.

Draped Layers

Face-framing layers, also known as draped layers, are inspired by the ‘90s and early ‘00s. Hurtado says the layers should be cut around your face at different levels of lengths to accentuate your features for a head-turning look. The expert recommends styling with a round brush and Kérastase L’incroyable Blow-Dry Reshapable Lotion. “The lightweight styling cream gives a hold and shine and is also a heat protectant,” the pro shares. The round brush (that should be brushed inwards to enhance all the layers around the face) is what will help you to achieve the bouncy movement in front.

Shave It

Yes, long hair is synonymous with fall but there is so much power in shaving it all off. “Shaved heads will continue to be on trend as women are taking clippers to their heads,” says Larry Sims, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Flawless by Gabrielle Union. “Women are adding detailed graphic line designs and bold colors for personal style and expression.” Plus, it’s a great low- maintenance style as you can still wrap your hair at night for protection but in the mornings all it needs is a SPF spray (since your scalp is now more exposed to sun and environmental elements).

Sliced Bob

Hurtado describes the sliced bob, popular among celebrities, as a short to medium haircut that is cut in a blunt length to appear both classic and stylish. It is done by slicing through the ends of the hair with a pair of scissors, creating shape rather than layers — keeping the overall outline blunt. For a salon-style finish, Carrillo recommends SH-RD Nutra Therapy Shine Serum, a hair oil and serum that will help the hair pop, keep it hydrated, and make sure there isn’t splitting at the edges.

Curtain Bang Shag

For this fall, shaggy haircuts will be still be a hot trend. But not just a normal shag — a curtain bang update allows for a more playful yet polished look. For a great shag, Sims sprays in Flawless by Gabrielle Union Curl Refresher Spray for texture and the Flawless by Gabrielle Restoring Exotic Oil Treatment for a shiny finish.

Undone Bob

This chic bob can be done with or without bangs. Hurtado says this haircut has no layers in it and with the help of a texturizing spray like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, it will have little fluff and airy-like texture that’s not too precious.

Tapered Big Cut

Erinn Courtney StyleSeat hairstylist and natural hair expert sees big chops trending for both males and females for the easier-to-maintain energy. She recommends Beauty Beez Hollywood Beauty Avocado Oil for a buzzed head (even just a portion) because it helps keep your hair and scalp moisturized, which is super important for fall as the weather gets colder and drier. Carrillo also suggests Mizani Scalp Care Calming Lotion with shorter hair as your scalp has closer access to the environment and needs a nourishing product to keep hydrated and fighting against dandruff.

By Natasha Marsh

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.



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The Man Behind Fashion’s Most Famous Bob

The Man Behind Fashion’s Most Famous Bob

NYT: For the past six years, at 8 a.m. sharp, Andreas Anastasis has walked to Anna Wintour’s Greenwich Village townhouse, where for about 20 minutes every weekday he maintains upkeep, whether it’s cutting, coloring, spraying, blow-drying or styling, of the most instantly recognizable bob in fashion — maybe the world. A short distance from there, “right across the street from Carrie Bradshaw’s house,” he has spent nearly a decade running his namesake salon, where he now works two days a week. The only magazine in the waiting area is Vogue.

But back at his loft in New York’s meatpacking district, Mr. Anastasis practices another discipline. For this one, he keeps the heads hidden.

During a recent visit, plaster casts of muscular backs and thick calves protruded from walls like the specters of ancient Greek warriors. On a nearby plinth, the breasts, buttocks, fists, forearms and stomachs of his friends and lovers were strewn about, waiting to join the 47-year-old artist’s sculptural collages. But the busts were stored mostly out of sight, just off the bedroom.

Nothing in the apartment hinted at his career beyond art. Had it not been for his beloved Yorkipoo, named London, whose fur was pulled back into a flirty topknot, there weren’t any hints to suggest Mr. Anastasis even had one. Which makes sense, because, except for the odd picture on his Instagram feed, he doesn’t talk about it.

As the top editor of American Vogue since 1988, Ms. Wintour has long been the subject of public fascination and scrutiny. A fictionalized version of her was played by Meryl Streep in the 2006 film “The Devil Wears Prada,” itself based on Lauren Weisberger’s roman à clef about her time as Ms. Wintour’s assistant, and she was the subject of a recent biography by Amy Odell, out of which came a widely circulated gossip item about her lunchtime preference for steak and a caprese salad without the tomatoes.

Those close to Ms. Wintour understand the importance of discretion. In turn, that discretion keeps them close to her.

“Anna’s one of the most loyal people I know,” said Mr. Anastasis, who has no other regular celebrity clients. “When you go to her home, almost everyone working there has been there forever.”

“Anna’s one of the most loyal people I know,” said Mr. Anastasis, who has been Ms. Wintour’s primary hairstylist for six years.
Credit…Andreas Anastasis
During the early days of the pandemic, when no one was getting their hair done — or at least admitting it — Mr. Anastasis continued to show up at Ms. Wintour’s house as he always had, except that he wore a hazmat suit. After each of her public appearances, he scrolls through Getty Images to make sure her hair was properly patted down. When Ms. Wintour travels to Europe for fashion shows, he ships dyes along with detailed instructions to ensure that the international stylists her team hires maintain her specific shade of caramel blond. And when he’s out of town, he entrusts Lisa Jillian Marconi, a former employee of his who now works at Vidov West salon, with the responsibility. “I’m more obsessed than Anna is,” he said. “When it’s not perfect, I get so mad.”
“His level of dedication is rare and a pleasure to be around,” Ms. Wintour wrote in an email when asked about Mr. Anastasis. “Always there when I need him, at whatever hour of day or night, and so careful and meticulous about his work. I feel lucky to have known Andreas for so many years and I’ve seen his skill, creativity and commitment time and again. I enjoy my time with him.”
At the Met Gala last month, where the theme was “gilded glamour,” Ms. Wintour paired her Chanel haute couture gown by Virginie Viard with a bejeweled tiara, a family heirloom. “Everyone was like, ‘No, Anna! Don’t do it. People are going to tease you,’” Mr. Anastasis recalled. He took her aside and told her, “No one is going to mess with you. You’re the queen of fashion. This is your event.”
Ms. Wintour wrote, “I trust him totally.”
As she should. To every question that hewed too closely to Ms. Wintour’s private life — Does she meet him with freshly washed hair? Or does he wash it for her in the bathroom sink? Does she like to chat? Gossip? Laugh? What type of music does she play? How does she take her morning coffee? Does she wear her trademark sunglasses at home? What about pajamas? Slippers? A robe? — Mr. Anastasis had the same reply: “That’s between her and I.”
Ms. Wintour departs the Mark Hotel for the 2021 Met Gala.
Credit…Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

He admitted, though, that people might be surprised by her warmth. “I love working with her,” he said. “She’s always been so nice to me.” According to Mr. Anastasis, she has also been encouraging and complimentary of his art practice. “I’ve photographed her dogs and given her the framed pictures as gifts,” he said about her goldendoodles. “She totally gets it.”

On a sunny day in May, Mr. Anastasis was dressed in a white tank top and black gym shorts that showed off a few of his many tattoos, among them an interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on his left thigh and his name rendered in thorny cursive lettering across his upper back. He sat at his computer searching for a video he animated from the slices of his own M.R.I.

“I just have so much energy to create. And I’d keep going, too, if I hadn’t run out of space,” he said. Elsewhere in his home, there were cloudy resin pour paintings; blown-up photographs he’d taken with a disposable camera when he was 15; and a pair of awards for two short films he directed on the topic of mental health.

For Mr. Anastasis, having the space and time to make art, or as he described it, “the freedom to play,” is an extravagance he’s always wanted, and one he’s earned. “I’m lucky that I have a job,” he said. “I’m not doing any of this to pay the bills.” Although there are similarities between his salon and sculpting practices — namely the trust he requires from his clients and models — there’s a difference between trimming someone’s hair and creating a replica of their breasts, as he did for his friend’s mother. “She’d seen my work on Instagram,” he said. “I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous. But I also loved how open she was.”

He pulled up a recording of “im·mor·tal,” a performance he staged last fall at Laverdin Fine Arts in New York. The footage showed Jefferson “The Tank” Sullivan, an M.M.A. and Muay Thai fighter, sprawled naked on a massage table in the center of a white-box gallery. Mr. Anastasis was carefully layering strips of plaster-soaked cotton against Mr. Sullivan’s backside, which was shiny with Vaseline. About 20 minutes after applying them, he removed what had become a hardened shell. “It’s like an exorcism,” said Mr. Anastasis. “Something gets drawn out.” Mr. Sullivan described the experience as “magical,” while another one of his models, the fitness coach Matt Pattison, said, “It’s a therapeutic experience. Each time, I’d see him hold the piece like a child.”

Mr. Anastasis was raised by Cypriot immigrants in the town of Beckenham, Kent. His father, a cobbler, made shoe samples for Jimmy Choo. His mother owned Fiji Unisex Hair Salon, where older women from the neighborhood would go for their weekly shampoo-and-set treatments. From a young age, he loved hair: At night, when everyone had gone to bed, he’d uncover the Barbie dolls he’d hidden from his two older sisters and give them braids.

So it came as a surprise when he enrolled in the London College of Fashion’s fashion design technology program. “You know what’s messed up?” said Mr. Anastasis. “I went into fashion because my dad said only gay men do hair.” Laughing, he added, “Well, that didn’t work.”

“I’m not doing any of this to pay the bills,” said Mr. Anastasis, who lives among the plaster casts he creates, about his art practice.
Credit…Mark Elzey for The New York Times

In his early 20s, after working at one of Toni & Guy’s London salons for about a year, Mr. Anastasis moved to New York. He had been romanticizing the city since he saw the 1991 documentary “Madonna: Truth or Dare,” which, especially given his conservative upbringing, was revolutionary in its casual depiction of queerness. He crashed on a cousin’s couch in Jersey City until he saved enough money cutting hair to afford the rent on an attic apartment in Murray Hill, a neighborhood in Manhattan, which he shared with a male escort he met on Craigslist.

Mr. Anastasis slept on a mattress on the floor, but he could see the Empire State Building from his window. “It was heaven,” he said. By day, he worked as a stylist at Robert Kree salon; at night, he was a go-go boy at clubs such as Twilo and Limelight. “I was doing hair on acid,” said Mr. Anastasis, whose drug use eventually cost him his job at the salon. “I’d have a cigarette in one hand and a blow dryer in the other. I’d run downstairs to do cocaine, and then come back up and burn someone’s hair.”

When he was 28, he flew back to London to activate his green card. His parents picked him up at the airport. “I was really spiraling,” he recalled. “My mom saw me and immediately said, ‘You look like death.’ That’s when I knew I needed to get clean. And that’s when the second part of my life began.”

Mr. Anastasis returned to New York and successfully begged for his job back. He also found spirituality and later embraced veganism. Today, he meditates twice daily for 20 minutes, and has weekly phone sessions with an energy healer out of San Francisco who told him that in past lives he’s been, among other things, a medieval astrologer who also cut hair, and who was executed, and his mother’s lover.

More than a decade ago, Mr. Anastasis got the call that changed his life. A makeup artist friend of his said there was someone he needed to meet. “I can’t tell you who it is,” she said. “But it’s high profile. Just show up at the address.”

It was Ms. Wintour’s. She needed a blowout.

“I knew who Anna Wintour was, but I wasn’t that invested,” Mr. Anastasis said. He would see her every few months when her longtime hairstylist was unavailable. Roughly six years into Mr. Anastasis’s casual arrangement with Ms. Wintour, during which time he opened a salon of his own, her stylist retired.

“One day Anna turned to me and said, ‘Susan’s leaving. Would you be open to taking over?’” said Mr. Anastasis. “She goes, ‘As you know, I can be quite demanding.’”

But he bristled at her portrayal as a ruthless editor. “When a guy does what she does, he’s a businessman. But Anna gets such a hard rap because she’s a woman. It’s frustrating,” he said. “Listen, without getting too deep about it, I consider her a friend. In my hair career, she’s without a doubt the highlight. Even when I retire from hair, I won’t retire from Anna. As long as she’s going, so am I.”

And with them both, her iconic hairstyle. “I would hate to change it,” said Mr. Anastasis. “That’s like Karl Lagerfeld getting rid of his ponytail. Or Marilyn Monroe going brown. That bob is who she is.”

Summer 2022 Haircut Trends: Bardot Bangs, Invisible Layers, and More

Summer 2022 Haircut Trends: Bardot Bangs, Invisible Layers, and More


I know that going for a drastic haircut as soon as the temperature hits 80 degrees is a bit of a cliche, but it’s hard to resist going for a new look every time the weather changes. Depending on the length, a fresh cut can also help you keep things cool over the summer (by the way, layers can definitely help with that, too). And even if chopping it all off isn’t your vibe, a new-to-you haircut can help you usher in a new season—and really, that’s what summer 2022 haircut trends are all about.

This season, trendy cuts run the gamut from classic to retro to modern. The one consistency? They’re all chic, casual, and look great freshly tousled. Think: What Emily in Paris’s hair might look like if she actually acclimated to French culture.

Whether you’re trying out bangs for the first time or experimenting with a classic bob, these haircut trends make it easy to embrace the go-with-the-flow vibes of summer. They’re all relatively low-maintenance (as long as you’re not opposed to a round brush) and tend to have major pay-off.

Ahead, your complete guide to summer 2022 haircut trends and expert tips on how to style them.


Xavier Velasquez is a NYC-based celebrity hairstylist who works at Jenna Perry Hair and a Virtue brand ambassador.

Raven Hurtado is a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.

Alan David Freitas is a NYC-based hairstylist.

Soft Micro Fringe


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“Soft summer bangs are definitely here for 2022,” Xavier Velasquez, celebrity hairstylist and Virtue brand ambassador, tells Byrdie. Micro fringe, or baby bangs that stop above the brow, started gaining popularity this spring, and you can expect to see more of this chic look this summer.

One tip from Velasquez: “The way to keep these bangs tamed through summer humidity is with frizz eliminating products like Virtue Frizz Block Smoothing Spray ($44). To get the look, spray liberally through damp hair and blow dry for frizz-free hair for up 72 hours.”


Blunt-Cut Bob

A blunt bob is the perfect, unexpected complement to the summer season. Though you might imagine this look to be more fitting of an autumnal moment (or is that just me?), it works just as well in the summertime.

Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, says, “I think this cut will be around for a while. It’s classic, modern, and trendy.”


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The Lob

A longer version of the bob—the lob—is also trending this summer. Alan David Freitas, an NYC-based hairstylist, explains, “This is a wonderful cut that hits at the clavicle bone.” If you want to really underscore the summertime vibe, he suggests “using an inch and a half curling iron to get pretty, loose, beachy waves.”

Pam Anderson Wispy Bangs

A Pamela Anderson-inspired hairdo is always a good idea, and according to Freitas, channeling her famous bangs will be a popular trend this summer. These light and wispy bangs look good on any face shape, and they add an extra oomph to updo hairstyles.

Choppy, Face-Framing Layers


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In case you missed it, practically every trend from the ’90s and 2000s is back in a big way, and a Rachel Green-approved, layer-heavy haircut might be the best example of this.

Hurtado explains, “’90s and 2000s haircuts will also be trending this summer.” So why not opt for a choppy, face-framing layer moment? Pro tip: Blow dry your hair with a round brush to give it volume and texture.

Bardot-Inspired Curtain Bangs


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The French-casual vibes this summer aren’t stopping with blunt bobs. “Curtain bangs inspired by Brigitte Bardot are trending this summer,” Hurtado tells Byrdie. Freitas adds, “This style consists of long, beautiful layers with a Pamela Anderson bang that cascades softly into an angle.”

These face-framing bangs are really customizable, depending on the look you’re aiming for. “You can wear them straight or use a round brush for swept style on each side,” Hurtado adds. “They look great on any face shape, and they can also grow out to be face-framing layers.”


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Invisible Layers


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If you want a haircut with a lot of volume, but aren’t as sold on the choppiness of traditional layers, invisible layers might be the perfect solution. It involves face-framing layers and long layers in the back, each cut discreetly enough to give hair movement without any distinct lines. Plus, according to Freitas, this cut is “a great style for fine hair.”

Just be sure to talk this ‘do through with your stylist before surrendering to their shears.

Highly-Textured Bob


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Bob haircuts can be intimidating, but adding some extra texture to the cut can help ease you into the transition (and not have a tearful drive home from the salon). With plenty of layers and angles, this highly-textured bob can be a fun option for anyone looking to change things up this summer.

Medium, One-Length Cuts

“Medium, one-length haircuts will be trending for summer 2022,” Hurtado predicts. Why is the simple style coming back? She explains, “They’re low maintenance, not too long and not too short, and you can still put your hair up.”

Plus, no matter what your natural hair texture is, this cut can make things a bit more manageable. “One length ideally makes fine hair look thicker, and it’s more manageable for someone who has thick coarse hair,” Hurtado adds.

by Hannah Kerns



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The 7 Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style

The 7 Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style


Byrdie: Trends are fun to follow when they concern elements you can switch up easily—think wardrobe and makeup. But when it comes to your hair, few of us want to embrace a bold new look every season just to stay one step ahead of the sartorial game. That’s not to say that we don’t get giddy upon discovering the most popular hair looks at NYFW, however, there’s something utterly comforting with tried-and-true classic styles.

Certain cuts make an appearance time and time again—think Twiggy’s iconic pixie or a ’70s-inspired shag. They are the haircuts that will always be in vogue, day to night, and season to season. To help us out in our quest to find a complete roundup of the looks that stand the test of time, we turned to the pros. Top stylists from both the U.S. and U.K. weighed in on what exactly makes a haircut timeless, plus the styles that they believe will never grow old.

From short to long, straight to textured, scroll on to discover the seven haircuts that will always be in style, and all the options for making them look their best.

Pixie: Polished

Zendaya blonde pixie

Although Western society typically associates beauty with long hair, the short-haired pixie cut challenged this notion in the 1960s. “Twiggy started it all off, and then Princess Diana and Demi Moore ruled this look in the 1990s,” recounts Jordan Garrett, a hairstylist at Hershesons. It’s now one of the most iconic looks of all time.

Pixie: Choppy

Zoe Kravitz pixie

Today, the pixie has become the preferred cut among certain celebrities. “More recently, we’ve seen it come up with a few modern tweaks on celebrities such as [Zoë Kravitz] and Katy Perry. It’s a classic look and suits people with petite features,” comments Garrett.

Pixie: Curly

Ursula Corbero curly pixie


This short and stylish ‘do can, and should, be embraced by all hair types. Here, Ursula Corbero makes a very strong case for curly pixies. Style with Hydrohair Hydrocurl ($32)—it just so happens to be one of Emmy Rossum’s go-to curly hair products—to keep curls looking radiant and defined.

Shag: Lived-In

Woman with shag haircut

This sultry, textured, layered look features lots of shape around the face, drawing maximum attention to the eyes. “It looks great straight, curly, in plaits and in a tight or loose updo. It’s got incredible versatility, which always helps make a style timeless,” says Neil Smith, artistic director at Barrie Stephen Hair.

Shag: Coily

Gabrielle Union curly shag and bangs

Gabrielle Union takes her shag to the next level with a head full of curls—bangs included. To score her style, we recommend investing in a curly hair routine. Cleansing with curly hair shampoo and conditioner followed by applying a leave-in conditioner (we like Tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner, $15) will keep curls looking their best.

Shag: Mussy

Lou Doillon shag with bangs

Lou Doillon channels the spirit of the ’70s with her rockstar shag. “This cut is a classic for millennials due to the fact that it’s so low maintenance,” says Smith. The bangs are a nice touch, too—although we wouldn’t expect anything less from Jane Birkin’s progeny.

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Fringe: Blunt

Kerry Washington mid-length wavy haircut with blunt fringe

Blunt bangs make a statement. In fact, they are an inexpensive yet effective way to completely change your look—and hide those frown lines (if that happens to be a concern), adding a youthful tone. It’s no wonder that Smith calls them “the Botox fringe.”

Fringe: Curtain

Bryce Dallas Howard curtain fringe

And while you might be wary of bangs due to concerns like their constant upkeep, a curtain fringe, like this one here on Bryce Dallas Howard, is low-commitment, not to mention, super stylish. They also get an A+ in face-framing.

Although a cowlick around your hairline can be annoying, that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed. It’s just a matter of your fringe needing a little encouragement to sit where you want it to.

Fringe: Side-Swept

Chrissy Teigen blonde beach waves with side-swept bangs

side-swept fringe is also easy to maintain and style. They’re the perfect accessory to texturized beach waves as modeled by Chrissy Teigen. To get her casual-cool beach vibes, apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray.

Bob: French

Taylor Swift

It’s no doubt that bobs are classic, but did you know that they can be worn in countless ways? According to Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bone, “This is arguably the most versatile cut of all time. Two people can have a bob exactly the same length, but if one has choppy layers and a fringe and the other has a blunt finish, they will look totally different.”

Bob: Wavy

Paula Patton wavy retro bob with pink lipstick

Paula Patton’s wavy bob gives off a vintage feel with its length and texture. Its appeal stems from the fact that it is a nearly universally flattering cut. “It can also be styled to suit all face shapes, ages, hair types and styles, which is why it will always be popular,” adds Burnett.

Bob: Chin-Length

Lucy Boynton textured blonde bob

Lucy Boynton modernizes the classic chin-length bob with a dose of texture. Burnett comments, “Any small changes to the shape can have a huge effect on the overall style, which means it’s easy for it to be updated with seasonal trends to give it a fresh edge.” Not ready to make the chop? Then fake it.

Buzz Cut: Induction

Halsey buzz cut

You might not think of the buzz cut as being evergreen, but thanks to celebs such as Sigourney Weaver, Cara Delevingne, and Halsey, it’s constantly having a revival. Halsey opts for an induction cut, the shortest extreme on the buzz spectrum.

Buzz Cut: Burr

Carolyn Malachi buzz cut

Carolyn Malachi goes only slightly longer with her buzz cut and rocks a burr. It’s edgy and liberating—especially if you decide to do it yourself. “This is a bold, brave choice, so it’s not for everyone, but it really does look stunning, and it’s very, very low maintenance if you do go for it,” says Smith.

Buzz Cut: Platinum

Kristen Stewart blonde buzz cut

If you want to take your buzz cut one step further, follow Kristen Stewart’s lead and bleach it. A platinum blonde buzz is head-turning and trendy. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to stay on top of regrowth (think: color touch-ups every few weeks), especially if your natural hair color skews darker.

Long Layers: Sleek and Smooth

Asian model with long straight hair

Want luxe-looking hair? Then it’s a long one-length-looking (there actually are some layers in there) style you need to go for. “Subtle long layers give the hair fluidity and movement, and it’s such a timeless look,” says Marc Trinder of Trinder Hair Studios.

Long Layers: Natural and Curly

Tyra Banks long curly hair

A blunt cut creates the illusion of fullness, so unless you’ve got fine or thin tresses, this might not be for you. Instead, consider long layers, which are “easy to style and maintain, and they help create shape within a haircut as well as reduce some weight, making them ideal for thicker hair types,” explains Trinder.

Long Layers: Retro

Elle Fanning long blonde retro hairstyle

blowout can vary from city to city, but in its simplest form, it is smooth and sleek with a touch of volume. Try it for yourself at home—but grab some Kristin Ess Blow Dry Mist ($13) first—and do like Elle Fanning by wearing this classic style with a retro twist: curling long layers inward and pinning hair to the side.

Freestyle Curls: Short Afro

Black model with natural curly pixie

When it comes to curls and textured hair, a freehand cut is a way to create a lasting style. “I think the most effortless and always on-trend look for curls is seeing them in their natural shape and state,” says Trinder. We recommend working in a small amount of Styling Cream ($15) from celebrity stylist Vernon Francis’s haircare line, which is made especially for natural hair.

Freestyle Curls: Light and Airy

Ilana Glazer curly mop

If you’ve got curls, then why not embrace them? “To do this, the hair cannot be cut in a methodically layered way. It prevents curls from sitting in their natural shape,” explains Trinder. “Instead, your stylist needs to slice out lengths to make them soft on the edges—this will allow the curls to retain their definition and enhance the natural shape.”

Freestyle Curls: Varied Length

Nathalie Emmanuel natural curly hair

Nathalie Emmanuel nails curly-haired perfection with this visually effortless ‘do. Her curls sit at varying lengths that translate as natural rather than sculpted and uniform. Apply a dab of Miss Jessie Curly Pudding ($10) throughout hair to define, soften, and elongate your coils.

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