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Henrietta Schmoll Rauenhorst Court: Dietrich Sieling

Henrietta Schmoll Rauenhorst Court: Dietrich Sieling

Inspired by countless rides and visual journeys, Dietrich Sieling’s site-responsive installation at the M reflects his longtime love for the interior rectangular world of the city bus: the green exit door lights, the seated and standing passengers, the windows, the brilliant sun, the weather, the rolling spectacle of day-to-night, the avenues and streets. Turning an ordinary experience like taking public transportation into a fantastical burst of dynamic shapes and colors, Sieling’s art reminds us to find wonder in the everyday. The artist’s passionate and joyful engagement with this subject matter inspires his labor-intensive practice of creating elaborate colored-pencil drawings on yards and yards of paper and plexiglass. Sieling  lives and works in Minneapolis. His art has been featured in solo exhibitions at Bockley Gallery and Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis, Kabinett & Kammer and Governors Island, both in New York City. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND, and Honeycomb Salon and Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.


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