Swoon-Worthy Pie Shops Around Minneapolis and St. Paul

Sep 25, 2022 | eat/drink

An apple pie from Honey & Rye. | Honey and Rye Bakery

EaterTwinCities: Key lime, abundant berries, and silky chocolate. Is there anything more divine than a freshly baked pie? Whether it’s a tart strawberry-rhubarb cooling on the windowsill or a rich coconut cream twirling in a display case, there’s sweet nostalgia packed into every slice. Pie is a tricky dish to get just right. Crust can be temperamental, and the fillings — fluffy meringues, saucy baked fruits, dense creams that hold their shape — require a skilled hand. Happily, there are many spots baking phenomenal pies around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Here are a few places to find slices of key lime, chocolate mousse, and strawberry blueberry crumble (or order a whole pie, if that’s your jam).

Heather’s Pies

Heather’s Pies are baked to order — they’re made with fresh organic fruits, high-quality butter, and locally sourced honey. On the menu, find fruit pies like triple berry and peach, plus a decadent hot chocolate marshmallow cream pie (or, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, savory vegetable tarts). These pies are baked with all kinds of intricate crust cut-outs: Order one decorated with a wreath of small flowers, or a message — perfect for a festive birthday celebration or a delicious marriage proposal.

Honey & Rye Bakehouse

A modern spot with a little bit of old-fashioned comfort, Honey & Rye whips up all kind of bakery favorites, including exceptional pie. Order a rich chocolate coconut cream, or choose one of the rotating seasonal flavors, like peach blueberry, banana cream, or brown butter butterscotch meringue. The flaky crust gets a flavor boost from locally produced Hope Creamery butter. Note that Honey & Rye now has a cafe open in the new Alliance Francaise in Minneapolis’s Harrison neighborhood.

Fruit & Grain

Poptarts, savory hand pies, special occasion pies — whatever the format, Fruit & Grain pastries stand out for their extra-flaky crust. Fillings change with the weather: The poptarts feature jams made from seasonal fruits, and the hand pies are stuffed with seasonal vegetables and cheese. The fruit pies, made with a thick lattice crust, are like summer in a tin. Try the strawberry blueberry crumble or the strawberry rhubarb. Find Fruit & Grain pastries at the Kingfield Farmers Market, Northern Coffeeworks, Curioso Coffee Bar, and both St. Paul Bagelry locations.

Sarah Jane’s Bakery

This cozy bakery in Northeast Minneapolis serves all the classics, from French silk to strawberry rhubarb to Michigan sour cherry. The harvest apple pie (available mid-September through December) is a unique take on a fall favorite — it’s made with an apple, raisin, and cranberry filling, and a pecan brown sugar crumble topping. Fruit pies are available daily; stop by the bakery or order at least a day in advance.

In a darkened background sits a stone pottery coffee mug with a Minnesota shape on the front and a plate with a slice of pie. There’s white sugar crystals all over the top crust and gooey blueberries oozing out the sides. A fork has cut into a bite off the tip of the pie slice and it sits at the ready on the side.
A Sarah Jane’s slice packed with Maine blueberries.

 Sarah Jane’s Bakery

Vikings & Goddesses Pie Company

Vikings & Goddesses bakes stunning pies with locally produced Baker’s Field flour and Hope Creamery butter.  Flavors change with the season, and often include fresh produce — the bakery works with local farmers to make use of surplus crops and reduce food waste. Try a tart fruit pie like the orange rhubarb, or for something richer, the butterscotch or raspberry mocha chess. Vikings & Goddesses doesn’t have a to-go retail spot yet, but you can order online for pick-up or home delivery, or grab a slice at the Mill City farmers market.

Hot Hands Pie & Biscuit

This St. Paul spot serves everything from seasonal favorites, like rhubarb and berry, to more unique pies — think Nutella, sour cream and raisin, and a banana cream that’s piled high with mounds of whipped cream. There are even pie shakes: a slice of pie mixed with housemade ice cream. Don’t overlook the savory pies either, like the buffalo chicken pot pie and veggie pot pie.



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