Minnesota World Expo 2027: Renderings unveiled for potential World’s Fair in Bloomington

Jul 3, 2022 | art/design

Big Event has a Big Impact

A World Expo creates an immense amount of economic activity for the host community. Over three months, millions of visitors will visit the Expo, stay in hotels and visit regional attractions. Data is from an economic assessment of the Minnesota 2027 Expo by Rockport Analytics.

America’s Team

Convening the World in America’s Heartland

Minnesota USA Expo is a non-profit entity dedicated to securing a Specialized Expo in the summer of 2027. Our effort is made up of political, civic, and business leaders that see the value of convening the world to have a meaningful conversation about the health and wellbeing of our planet’s inhabitants.

As the official bid of the United States government, we enjoy strong bipartisan support at national, state, and local levels. In June of 2021, our proposal deemed to have sufficient financial and local support to assure the successful development of the exposition.

Citizen groups from across the state and from all corners of the nation have supported this effort to host the first expo in the United States in nearly 43 years.

Our Vision

Expo 2027 will be a platform and gathering place for the partnerships we all need to reach the ambitious health and wellness sustainable development goals set by world leaders by the end of 2030.


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