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Maison Margaux: Paris in the North Loop – Minneapolis, MN

Apr 30, 2023 | eat/drink

Maison Margaux Mpls

Paris in the North Loop
Brasserie • Underground Bar • Event Center • Terrasse
“In the midst of the storm we found a pearl”

Chef David Fhima goes big with new Maison Margaux restaraunt in Minneapolis

Star Tribune: The restaurateur is about to open his dream bistro, turning the historic Ribnick Fur building into a sprawling classic French wonderland.

Two years ago, the Fhima family acquired the former home of Ribnick Furs in the North Loop. The historic space has required painstaking feats of preservation to turn it into Maison Margaux, a grand new multilevel restaurant. When it opens May 12th, the French Mediterranean-inspired bistro will join Fhima’s Minneapolis in a portfolio that’s as ostentatiously big-thinking as Fhima himself.


Fhima Family Mission Statement

‘We have made a promise to our community and city to do things differently. By emphasizing our family roots, honoring historic ground, and partnering with our amazing and diverse community, we will achieve this promise.

We remain committed to our staff and to offering them living wages, health care options, and profit sharing.

We are dedicated to the hospitality industry, to female-owned small businesses, and to the BIPOC community. To express this dedication, we plan to create a food justice platform to showcase the cultural talents that exist in Minneapolis, and are enthusiastic about mentoring younger generations and spreading love for the food industry through in-house continual education and training.

We are devoted to supporting food-insecure areas by fostering our work with non-profits, donating meals, and spending our time and resources to lift up those in need.’


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Classically French. Think: onion soup, quiche Lorraine, steak frites and sole meunière. Starters begin at $12 and go up to $29, entrees start at $26 and go to $65. The lower-level brasserie has a shorter menu, with small bites and casual entrees, such as jambon beurre baguette and a burger.



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