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Ingebretsen’s is your Minneapolis Home for Exploring Scandinavian Food and Culture!

Sep 12, 2021 | eat/drink

Ingebretsen’s meat counter in the 1930s with the new refrigerated case!

Ingebretsen’s is celebrating 100 years on Lake Street! For our anniversary we want to hear from you. Do you have an Ingebretsen’s story to share? We want to hear your memories of visiting the store or ordering specialty items from us. With your permissions they might end up on our website or even in print! Thanks to your support, we are still here. Find the submission form at: Ingebretsens.com/about

Mr. Viking in the Meat Market

Inglebretson’s Butcher Shop & Deli

Picture an old-fashioned Butcher Shop laden with delicious homemade products:  a long refrigerated case filled with specialty Scandinavian deli items made daily from original recipes; rows of imported cheeses; and shelves lined with imported delicacies in boxes, cans and jars. Ingebretsen’s also makes dozens of meat products that aren’t available anywhere else in town. Some of the butchers have worked behind the same counter for more than 40 years.  (Don’t tell them we told you!)

Our Specialties…
Swedish Meatball Mix / Blood Sausage “Klub” / Swedish Herring / Medister Pølse
Sylte / Lefse / Middag Pølse / Danish Liver Pate / Rulle Pølse / Swedish Anchovies
Fresh Lutefisk / Spekekjøtt (dried meats) / Famous Home Smoked Ham & Bacon

For an extensive list of our Butcher Shop & Deli’s (in-store) specialty items, please see: Ingebretsen’s Scandinavian Market Specialties




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