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Heimie’s Haberdashery: One of St. Paul’s oldest legacy Clothier

Feb 22, 2020 | people/passions

Heimies’ one of St. Paul’s oldest Clothier- Retailers, has specialized in Custom and Ready to Wear clothing for nearly 100 years. In 1917 Heimie escaped from the dangers of the Russian Revolution and brought his clothing and tailoring trade to America.

As classically trained haberdashers, our calling is to help each of our customers define their own personal style for work, for pleasure, hobbies, for travel and by season. To discover the styles, fabrics, and colors you can wear visit us and experience Heimie’s. Located in the Historic Hamm building, off St. Peter Street, you will find the Haberdashery set along a beautiful parkway among the districts best restaurants, theaters and hotels. Whether it’s your first suit, an addition to a wardrobe, or casual wear, our goal is to always fit you in clothes that will bring out the best in you.

Merchant makers

Heimie’s proudly takes its name from its legacy. Designer and makers, Heimie’s owns and manufactures handcrafted leather and canvas luggage and hand bags in the same heritage and tradition as it’s clothing. Heimies’ love for the outdoors moved us to design and make quality stylish outdoor gear for the discerning lady and gentleman. From briefcases to totes, Gun slips and fly-fishing gear you can now carry the finest luggage and hand bags available. Whether enjoying a day in the country or commuting in the cities, carry a Heimie’s leather product. See our collection influenced by the English country side and made in the USA, St. Paul, Minnesota.

About Heimie’s Haberdashery

1921 – Heimie sets up shop in a warehouse district of St. Paul
1947 – Heimie opens first retail location off Seventh Street Lower town Ralph back from war
Ralph works along-side his father expanding its offering.
1974 – Ralph Andler Heimie’s son moves into new free-standing retail outlet selling and tailoring
Readymade clothing.
1976 – Anthony starts his long apprenticeship under his Grandfather.
2007 – Anthony R. Andler (great grandson) moves store back to its origins in Downtown St. Paul.
2010 – Heimie’s expands its retail and Manufacturing.
2016 – Heimie’s builds a new state of the art tailoring facility.
2018 – Future expansion of its new Life Style store.
2019 – 5,000 square foot expansion opens to the public September 27, 2019

Barber Shop/Services

The best investment a gentleman can make is in himself, and nothing helps a gentleman feel more confident than a clean, classic cut and a close shave. Our barber shop and shave parlor specialize in the most exceptional traditional grooming services around. Choose from our menu of cut and shave options to achieve your desired look and our master barbers will take it from there. You will walk out of our men’s sanctuary feeling rejuvenated and better than ever, ready to take on the world.



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