Blissful Blue – Naturally Timeless, Organic Haze. This muted indigo taps into the organic tones of a morning mist.
Design tip: Soft, grayish blues can act as neutrals, making them easy colors to design around.

Soft Candlelight – Optimistically Warm, Inviting Radiance. This mature yellow lights up a space with a golden glow.
Design tip: Yellow hues feel cheerful and help elevate your mood.

Granite Dust – Organically Urban, Cool Comfort. Inspired by the protective qualities of natural stone, Granite Dust allows you to create your own personal haven.
Design tip: This versatility of the shade allows it to read warm or cool, providing flexibility to adapt to your décor.

Cherry Taupe – Earthy Pigment, Natural Warmth. Cherry Taupe is a botanical neutral that adds rich sophisticated softness.
Design tip: Gold accents elevate organic, earthy colors.

Arizona Dust – Naturally Bold, Easy Energy. This Modern apricot shade with a bold twist evokes our desire to embrace vibrant tones from nature.
Design tip: Consider this playful hue in a satin sheen for added moisture resistance in spaces like bathrooms and mudrooms.

Garden Flower – Clean Growth, Fresh Florals. Modernly classic like the beauty of white roses, this natural tint is soft and simple setting our mind at ease.
Design tip: Black and white decor compliments colorful walls.

Academy Gray – Contemplative Depth, Moody Comfort. A deep blueish gray that promotes the importance of time spent at leisure, allowing us to unwind and relax.
Design tip: Wainscoting lends architectural charm to spaces with luxurious color.

Unforgettable – Luxurious Relaxation, Soft Ease. A shade with no time restraint, this white has warmth to soften rooms and lend an elevated sophistication.
Design tip: Medium-toned wood accents, paired with soft cream walls, create a down-to-earth space.

Gallery Gray – Soft Confidence, Approachable Elegance. Embodying minimalism, this fresh shade of warm grey inspires a feeling that is modern and natural.
Design tip: Bold architectural features take center stage against gentle gray walls.

Dusty Lavender – Shadowy Pastel, Balanced Vibrancy. Natural dyes are introducing new pastels into the home. Dusty Lavender creates a soft but unexpectedly dynamic feel that is warm and inviting.
Design tip: Carry color onto ceilings to give small rooms a larger appearance.

Maple Leaf – A warm camel shade that has an authentic quality, embracing our appreciation for a handmade craft.
Design tip: Living plants add freshness and vitality to neutral spaces.

Lucy Blue – Effortlessly Optimistic, Joyful Energy. Familiar and calming, like the waves of the ocean. We look to blue to bring a playful happiness into the home.
Design tip: Neutral furnishings add sophistication to vibrant spaces.