The Superior Hiking Trail Association Recognizes Michael Loscheider as 2020 Volunteer of the Year!

The Superior Hiking Trail Association Recognizes Michael Loscheider as 2020 Volunteer of the Year!

Photo: John Storkamp

Michael has served the SHTA as a Volunteer Crew Leader for the past few years, attending trainings and working with SHTA staff to plan and implement projects to improve the Trail. If you’ve had the opportunity to work with him, you know his kindness, work ethic, and humor — not to mention his trail smarts — are all huge assets to the #SuperiorHikingTrail and our community. While his planned project was put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic, he stayed busy at home by creating new, hand-routed signs in the classic SHT style to replace broken or missing signs (and add a few new ones).

Join us in sending a huge thanks to Michael for all of his contributions to the Trail!



Over 300 volunteers put in over 8,000 hours every year to keep the Superior Hiking Trail in great shape. Whether serving as a trail or campsite adopter or contributing to our Trail Renewal Program efforts, we strive to ensure volunteers are safe and successful in their work along the Trail.

Why volunteer with us? It’s a great opportunity to:

  • Give back to the Trail.
  • Make new friends.
  • See the Trail from a different perspective.
  • Have FUN!


Are you interested in volunteering with us? Click here to enter the SHTA Volunteer Portal. Once you’re in the portal, you can create your volunteer profile, find and “follow” volunteer opportunities to get alerts when they’re posted, and get registered to join us on the Trail!


All volunteer projects are under the direction of a SHTA staff member, Volunteer Crew Leader, or otherwise experienced trail maintainer. Projects may include building new trail, building bridges or boardwalk, clearing trees and brush, weed-whipping, or other duties as needed. Training is provided and no special skills are required.

Head to the SHTA Volunteer Portal to sign up for upcoming projects!




There are several ways you can help take care of the Superior Hiking Trail year after year.

Adopt a section of trail: Section Adopters inspect and maintain a 2-5 mile section of the trail at least twice per year. The primary goal of a section adopter is to lop back the persistent brush that threatens to obscure the Trail. Check out the full job description.



Adopt a campsite: Campsite Adopters inspect and maintain a SHT campsite at least twice per year. They clean out the fire ring, clear brush, and report hazard trees in the area. Check out the full job description.



Adopters: Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to enter your volunteer hours for campsite and section maintenance activities in the new Volunteer Portal.

A waitlist is ongoing. Volunteers may choose to wait for a specific section or can be updated about any available openings. Head to the SHTA Volunteer Portal to learn about current openings or to get on the waitlist.

Specialized groups of volunteers are another way to volunteer on the Superior Hiking Trail. SHTA currently oversees three such groups:

  • Elite Latrine Digging Squad: ELDS members attend a training and arrange their own latrine work over the season. We ask that anyone attending an ELDS training commit to digging at least two latrines over the course of the upcoming year. Read the full job description here.
  • Campsite Furniture Cadre: These volunteers disassemble aging and/or unsafe benches from SHT campsites and haul out the old materials. With extended training, members of this brigade may be able to create new benches out of locally-sourced materials. Read the full job description here.



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