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Lakewood Cemetery 150th Anniversary Celebration – Minneapolis, MN

Lakewood Cemetery 150th Anniversary Celebration – Minneapolis, MN

Photos @glenstubbe
Star Tribune: As part of its 150th anniversary celebration this year, Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis welcomed earth artist Day Schildkret for its Midsummer Memory Mandalas event to honor the impermanence of life and transform grief into beauty.

Lakewood Cemetery

Since 1871, Lakewood’s 250 acres of urban memorial parkland have served as a community gathering place and a chronicle of our history. Today, Lakewood is making memorialization more relevant, accessible and inviting for new audiences and generations.

Take a walk around the tree covered, grassy area that stretches from the Living Memory Tree to the Garden Mausoleum (near the Walker family Monument) and check out the earth art gallery on the grounds!
These vibrant mandalas were created by workshop participants who learned the Morning Altars 7 step process from visiting artist and instructor Day Schildkret (Morning Altars). The impermanent pieces may not be here for long, so be sure to visit soon!
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