There’s a chimichanga doused in creamy coconut red curry sauce and a breakfast bành mí loaded with eggs, sausage, herbs, pickled radish and carrots graced with Maggi sauce. But the first dish I’ll be ordering when I go back is the shrimp and tomato omelet ($16).

“This isn’t like a Marco Pierre White-type omelet,” Vang said. “You know, when the French colonials left, they left some things behind — including the name.” So, we’ll call it an omelet, but the preparation is entirely different. Eggs are whipped up and cooked in a hot wok with oil until puffy. The result is tender, light and served like a blanket over a mound of rice and topped with an herb salad. The succulent little nubs of seasoned shrimp and sliced cherry tomatoes punctuate the dish, and the salad makes the whole affair feel downright healthy and springy.

Sunday brunch will run each week from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Lake Street restaurant (the Graze location is still serving the Slurp menu). Prices are $14-$16, and other offerings include steak and eggs and lychee-guava mimosas. (Joy Summers)


 Union Hmong Kitchen

901 West Lake Street

Minneapolis, MN


Tangletown Gardens Farm Direct CSA – Plato, MN