The United States was on its 12th president, while most of Europe was still ruled by monarchs.

The fastest way to travel from the East Coast to the West Coast was a five-month steamship journey around South America.

And the first issue of the Minnesota Pioneer – earliest ancestor of the Pioneer Press – was printed in the drafty spare room of a carpentry shop in downtown St. Paul, which was then just a muddy little river town of a few hundred inhabitants.

Minnesota’s oldest newspaper, the Pioneer Press, will celebrate its 175th birthday on April 28, 2024. We’ll be marking the occasion with a variety of special products and content over the next six months.

The first of these is a hardcover photographic history book called “Twin Cities Snapshots,” which features more than 250 images selected from our vast archive that stretches back more than a century.

Our online store also features reprints of historic Pioneer Press front pages, merchandise branded with our old logos and a host of other products that would make any Minnesotan’s day — including a new Vikings history book.

Stay tuned for more special products and promotions as the anniversary approaches. Next month, we’ll begin counting down to our birthday by sharing 175 years’ worth of front pages in 175 days, and we’ll be publishing a weekly St. Paul trivia feature every Sunday.

By NICK WOLTMAN | | Pioneer Press


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