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Minnesota International Owl Center adds auctions to benefit Ukrainian kids!

Mar 27, 2022 | people/passions

The International Owl Center’s latest auction includes this painting, shown as a detail.
First auction of owl art raised $100,000.
Start Tribune: Minnesota’s International Owl Center is auctioning its collection of artwork by Ukrainian kids — depicting owls of all kinds, from a technicolor flock to a finger-painted owlet — to benefit children in the war-torn country. “Here’s this sweet, innocent, colorful, beautiful, fun artwork made by children in Ukraine themselves. It gives people something really tangible to connect them with the kids over there,” center executive director Karla Bloem said. The online auction of 59 children’s art, which closed March 20, raised more than $100,000, said Bloem. One piece sold for more than $8,000.

If you’re interested in bidding for some art of your own, it’s not too late. The center will likely have at least two more auctions and make a set of greeting cards featuring some of the owl art, Bloem said.

This piece is part of the latest auction.

All of the funds raised will be donated to UNICEF. Owl center staffers plan to try to contact the Ukrainian art schools and children who mailed in their artwork to let them know about the fundraising, Bloem said.

“Most art schools that participated are in eastern Ukraine, so we don’t know if we’ll be able to reach them,” she said “but we will try.”

By Erica Pearson


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