Holiday Makeup Inspiration Straight From the Fall/Winter 2021 Runways

Nov 28, 2021 | style/mode

Off-White’s Pop Of Color – Off-White Fall/Winter 2021

On the Off-White runway, there were many variations on this daring look. A pop of color accents the inner or outer corner. Try a seasonal red, blue, gold, or green to really match the holiday aesthetic. Pick a pigmented shade to go loud, or a more subtle color to create a pleasant wash.

This season is all about the bold, festive eyes.

BEAUTY: A truly exquisite holiday outfit requires an equally fanciful makeup look. To have one without the other would be like sipping hot cocoa without a plentiful helping of marshmallows. Don’t fret if you are having trouble coming up with something spectacular, we have all the necessary makeup inspiration straight from the fall runways.

Patron saint of beauty Pat McGrath makes an appearance, as do Euphoria-esque faces. Last season, makeup was all about the eyes, making them pop as much as possible. It was to be expected in a mask-wearing world. This holiday season, the masks are still around, though you might be able to sneak a bold lip into a small gathering. Still, one can’t go wrong with bold liner.

Jonathan Cohen’s All Over Color

For Jonathan Cohen, an all over eye color was employed. Here, the model is wearing a bright fuscia, but more seasonal shades can be swapped in to match the mood, or your outfit. Opt for a creme shadow for this glossy look, or stick to pressed pigments for a matte finish

Prada’s Mixed Palette

Prada brought in legendary artist Pat McGrath to make the case for mismatched eyes last fall. Here, she chose to alternate silver and gold to create a hard, metal look. Try out this trend with some glitters for a less imposing effect, or go even brighter with neon shadows.

Christian Cowan’s Bejeweled Eyes

At Christian Cowan, pastel and rhinestones were the move. Due to the popularity of the show, this sort of look will always be known as “Euphoria makeup,” but the basic elements have been used for decades. For this style, more is always more. Diamonds, pearls, and pastels are your golden ticket.

Anna Sui’s Mod Liner

Anna Sui opted for this retro-inspired look on their runway. Sixties’ mod makeup is back in a big way, likely due to the boldness of its aesthetic. Here, the model can be seen with a green over-the-eye line. Add in a few lash lines on your lower lid to really evoke the mod style.

Victoria Beckham’s Bedroom Eyes

For Victoria Beckham’s lookbook, the brand took smudged liner and the live-in look to its classiest iteration. Subtly smudged liner and a natural palette are perfect for a nighttime party, or early morning bash with last night’s mascara. Bold bangs are optional.

Alice + Olivia’s Smoky Eye

At Alice + Olivia, it was all about the smoky look. While this trend may not be for the family get-together, the bold party-goer will make it work this holiday season. A mix of charcoal liner and your darkest shadow should get the job done.

by Sophie Lee



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