Farm Direct Holiday Cooking with Tangletown Gardens – Minneapolis, MN

Dec 18, 2022 | eat/drink

Tangletown Gardens 

Tangletown Gardens: Looking to impress your guests? We’ve heard time and time again that the food from our farm is some of the best you’ve ever prepared. Our farm direct store is open 24/7 and is fully stocked with everything you need to make a memorable meal.

Tangletown Gardens CSA and Farm Direct Store

Welcome to our farm-fresh food store, featuring year-round Farm Direct options and our seasonal Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares.

We feature products from our 140 acre farm in Plato, MN, where we follow ecological principles that produce the most nutritious food possible while respecting our animals and environment. We also partner with select local vendors to round out our assortments.

Notes from the Farm

Our fields are busting with the bounty of summer. Enjoy the very best from our farm. We raise our animals right and care for and nurture the soil so it can feed us. We never compromise and only harvest the very best for you. Take advantage of either our Tuesday or Thursday pick up option at Wise Acre! As always, THANK YOU! -Farmer Dean


Our Farm Direct Store offers products available directly from our farm – veggies, meats, eggs, and more. Create your own assortment, choosing from the entire bounty currently available that week.

Order online anytime. After your order has been placed, it will be available for pickup on the selected Thursday, between 2-6pm at Wise Acre Eatery (5401 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis), or at our farm in Plato (11389 County Road 9, Plato) between 12-4 pm on the selected Thursday.


Karen Morris Millenery @Dayton’s Marketplace – Minneapolis, MN




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