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Ballet Co.Laboratory: The Four Seasons – Minneapolis, MN

Mar 27, 2022 | art/design

Photo Credit: Pixel Dust Photography

The Four Seasons

Join Ballet Co.Laboratory for the world premiere of Joseph Morrissey’s The Four Seasons. Beginning with the first blossoms of Spring, through the heat of Summer, into the twirls of Fall, and finally the swirling of Winter snow, The Four Seasons makes Vivaldi’s notes dance off of the page. Intricate footwork, unpredictable partnering, and elaborate movement patterns bring the feeling, color, and happenings of each season to life. Performed by the Company of Ballet Co.Laboratory to a live string quartet made up of the Twin Cities’ finest musicians, this work celebrates the splendor and cadence of each season.

In addition to The Four Seasons, a noteworthy pairing of Kinsun Chan’s Shifts and Genevieve Waterbury’s Danse Macabre will complete this production which celebrates a dancer’s most notable collaborator, musicians.

Performed by: The Company Dancers of Ballet Co.Laboratory and the Performance Ensemble of The School of Ballet Co.Laboratory


Shifts / Danse Macabre

Photo Credit: Pixel Dust Photography

Shifts: choreographed by Kinsun Chan

Inspired by the shape, movement and sound of the cello, Kinsun Chan brings the music of Bach to life with 13 dancers and 1 cellist. Known for his intricate use of lighting and architecture, Kinsun explores different dimensions of this iconic music allowing the dancers and musician to move as one.

Danse Macabre: choreographed by Genevieve Waterbury

Danse Macabre is based on Saint-Saëns’ poem Dance Macabre which has become a metaphor for how chaos and order depend on each other. In this piece, dancers navigate the push and pull of daily responsibilities, discover others on similar paths, and embrace the power of unison.



The Cowles Center – Goodale Theater

528 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN



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