The Point Retreats: Fire & Ice Retreat – Pequot Lakes, MN

Mar 5, 2023 | people/passions

The Point Retreats: Join us for this epic retreat to experience all the health benefits and hacks of Fire and Ice! Did you know Cold Thermogenesis can boost your metabolic rate, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain? Follow cold by heat to detox your body, increase blood flow, and reduce cortisol.


Join us for a returning favorite and Epic retreat to experience all the health benefits and hacks of Fire and Ice in a group setting with adventurous people! Thaddeus Owen will serve as our winter retreat guide and key note speaker for the third year, along with our line up of incredible guest speakers. Stay tuned as a new key note speaker is to be announced soon!


Did you know Cold Thermogenesis can boost your metabolic rate and reduce inflammation and pain. It can also help you absorb more light and some halo types need cold for optimal health. Learn Wim Hof breathing to extended cold exposure and experience cold lake plunges, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and learn about cold thermogenesis protocols.

Follow cold by the glow of a fire and heat of the sauna to detox your body, increase blood flow, and reduce cortisol. Heat Shock Proteins are anti-aging and can increase muscle and reduce fat. Learn how to use a sauna for longevity and performance, redlight photobiomodulation, and how to use light to overcome lack of sunlight in the winter. Fix Seasonal Affective Disorder the right way!

During this retreat, you will experience exquisite and delicious primal meals created by our master Paleo chefs, stay in luxurious log cabins, and enjoy the beauty and piece of our quiet and snowy Northwoods.Learn from Thaddeus and all our guest speakers how you can embrace the cold and benefit from the burn this winter!

What’s Included

Registration cost is all-inclusive and includes – basic lodging (upgrades available), 5-star meals prepared by renowned health and wellness chef, full-service beverages (including Dry Farm Wines and Bullet Proof Coffee), professional seminars, activities, and on-site amenities.

Every moment of each retreat is intentional and designed to care for you – body, mind, and soul. Your time at The Point will be filled with meaningful opportunities to experience and learn from sunrise to sunset. The day can start with yoga by the lake or functional exercises with our fitness team in the gym, followed by Listening to expert speakers in our main log lodge in your slippers and wrapped in a warm blanket. Afternoons will be spent in our Culinary Rx Cooking Classes where you will find time to converse, laugh, and cook with a community of adventurous learners, followed by time outdoors to enjoy a hike or taking time to relax in the sauna, and finally ending your day with a peaceful meditation by the fire.

The best part is you have unlimited access to the pristine lakes and towering trees surrounding The Point Retreats property and peninsula during your stay.

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Cold Therapy: Cold Thermogenesis: Cold Showering – For – Weight Loss, Self Discipline, Mental Muscle & Mental Training


Watch a WInter Retreat Recap

Virtual Point Property Drone Tour


Friday, March 10th – Sunday, March 12th


The Points Retreat

7684 Ruttgers Road

Pequot Lakes, MN



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