He is breaking trail on his solo journey that is aimed at raising awareness of Native American issues and is raising money to provide firewood to needy people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He’s now raised more than $22,000.

Olson left the west end of Rainy Lake on Feb. 11. A week into his trip, Olson had skied the length of massive Rainy Lake and Namakan Lake and was crossing Sand Point Lake, heading east to his destination at Grand Portage, according to a GPS transponder he is carrying. The trip could take 30 days or more as he skis along the Minnesota-Ontario border.

Late Tuesday, Olson posted this report: “Hopefully my final morning in the -30°s. Last night I woke to a pack of wolves howling bloody murder just outside my tent. It felt surreal as it was already still, eerie, and moonlit. This morning I found their tracks only a hundred feet away on the island over. I was too cold to be scared. And they almost never bother humans. But it feels like I’m following them. I don’t go an hour without crossing tracks.”

To follow his trip, or to donate to the cause, go to: skiforfire.com