Featherstone Pottery Fall Show – Redwing, MN

Featherstone Pottery Fall Show – Redwing, MN

Join us for our annual Pottery Show at Featherstone Pottery in beautiful Red Wing, MN.  This three day event at Featherstone Farm features lots of new pottery fresh from the wood-fired kiln for your festive holiday tables, potlucks, and gift-giving.

Form and Function of Featherstone

All art forms originated from utilitarian roots. And many of them still serve to inform, to teach, to communicate, to entertain, or to beautify. And while pottery can do all of these things, it still clings tenaciously to its traditional verb form…to do.

Pottery lies within the realm of functional arts. To see Featherstone Pottery is to understand its purpose. Like making wood furniture or blacksmithing, hand-thrown pottery or stoneware is the ultimate blending of beauty and function.

Shoji Hamada, Potter


Saturday, November 5th from 10am – 4pm
Sunday, November 6th from 10am – 2pm
Saturday, November 12th from 10am – 4pm


Featherstone Pottery

31998 210th Avenue
Red Wing, MN


Where to Enjoy Local Craft Cider in Minneapolis


Red Wing Welcomes You to the “Big Turn” in the Mighty Mississippi River!

Red Wing Welcomes You to the “Big Turn” in the Mighty Mississippi River!

Red Wing is a port stop for several must-see Mississippi River Boats on multi-day cruises.There’s so much to see and do, you’ll need to plan a weekend to experience it all!


Welcome to a true representation of the authentic Midwest. A unique and charming breathtaking blend of landscapes, artistic vibes, and small-town tokens – this is what memories are made of.


Plan a Visit to Red Wing, Minnesota

Red Wing offers a one-of-a-kind experience with beautiful bluffs, outdoor activities, historic sites, shopping, and world-famous boots

Red Wing welcomes you to the “Big Turn” in the mighty Mississippi river. Known as the sharpest bend in the river for commercial traffic, Red Wing’s riverbank draws in residents and travelers year-round. From the beautiful bluffs, abundance of outdoor activities, historic sites, and world-famous boots, Red Wing offers a one-of-a-kind experience! Whether you are searching for water activities or a tranquil setting, there is entirely too much to see and do in just one day.

The majestic waterway that divides the town from its neighboring state of Wisconsin is the home to an abundance of wildlife. Pack your binoculars as you will encounter bald eagles, blue herons, egrets, gulls, and bank swallows.


Nature Awaits

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If you are looking to relax and take in nature, beautiful parks surround all the marinas. Just south of Bay Point Park, the city’s historic Boat House Village is stowed away behind Red Wing Marina (the caboose). The Red Wing Yacht Club, which features a grouping of privately owned boat houses, has provided limitless inspiration for artists and photographers over the years. Adventure enthusiasts will love hiking Barn Bluff or biking the Cannon Valley Trail.


A Shopper’s Paradise

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Make time during your trip to walk blocks of Red Wing’s family-owned and -operated boutiques. The “down-home” shopping experience draws you in for hours. Whether you are seeking unique souvenirs or looking for athletic apparel, there is something for everyone. Thrift-seekers always find treasures at the various second-hand and antique stores located within the historic Pottery Place building on Old West Main Street.


Dine and Drink

May be an image of food

If you’re feeling hungry, Red Wing has options. Make arrangements for a “to-go” order from one of the local restaurants and enjoy a beautiful dining experience on a pontoon rental boat or at one of Red Wing’s many parks. Or, grab a cold, tasty microbrew and fun branded swag at Red Wing Brewery. Expand your journey further with a delightful glass of locally handcrafted wine at the Falconer Vineyards.


Artful Attractions

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Red Wing is also abundant with local art and learning experiences, from admiring outdoor sculptures to stopping by a local art gallery. Your visit can include visiting some of the area’s arts organizations—try Red Wing Arts, located within the Train Depot, Artisan Collective on Old West Main, or Art Reach, which can be found on Third Street. Plus, don’t leave Red Wing without taking a quick selfie with the “World’s Largest Boot” at the Red Wing Shoe store.

Looking to spend the night? All the comfort and amenities await your arrival, including Red Wing’s many lodging facilities. Make your visit worth it and plan accordingly by referencing Red Wing’s 2021 Visitor Guide.

A New 22-Foot-Tall Abstract Sculptures Await at Anderson Center – Redwing, MN

A New 22-Foot-Tall Abstract Sculptures Await at Anderson Center – Redwing, MN

Artist Perci Chester celebrates the arrival of her newest creation, “Film Noir Ensemble,” at the Red Wing arts destination!

Minnesota Monthly: Created by artist Perci Chester, this whopping 22-foot-tall sculpture consists of two abstract figures that appear to be in motion. Both pieces were created from the repurposed steel of an old water tower, and painted with their own bright and unique hues. Due to its bright pink and lime green colors, the sculpture has been an eye-catching spot in the garden since its installation back in October 2020. “These colors just somehow animated the sculptures in a way that resonated with me, but also because they’re my favorite colors,” says Chester.

With a name inspired by a previous creation named Coupled Dancing, Chester drew her inspiration for Film Noir Ensemble from her fascination with relationships. Like many art pieces, the goal was to allow different interpretations depending on how you look at it. Chester says the name is also open to interpretation.

Built with such massive pieces of metal, Film Noir Ensemble took nearly 15 years to complete. In 2006, Chester began building her sculpture by molding various sheets of metal to create different angles and shapes to form the humanoid figures. “I loved the rivets, which are a big element on the pieces,” says Chester. “They just had a kind of energy that excited me when I began working on them.”

The event comes just a few weeks ahead of the Anderson Center’s 25th anniversary celebration on July 24.

By Aaron Xiong



Developed by the Center in 1996, with assistance from the Red Wing Environmental Learning Center and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, this 15 acre park is one of Minnesota’s largest sculpture gardens and includes works by nationally and internationally acclaimed sculptors, including Charles Biederman, Siah Armajani, and Zoran Mojsilov. Complete with observation deck, walking trails, benches, picnic areas, interpretive signs, mesic prairie areas, and stunning vistas of the Cannon River valley, this spacious open-air gallery serves as an artistic and educational resource, a natural habitat, and a quiet place where one can glimpse a sampling of the region’s original native ecosystem. There are currently over 30 sculptures in the garden and on Anderson Center grounds.

Entrance to the Anderson Center Sculpture Garden

Moby Dick Sculpture

Moby Dick


Physical Tension


Monterrey Express


Keya Tanka Lucie


Birth of a Martyr




Film Noir Ensemble




When It Rains
163 Tower View Drive, Red Wing, MN
Pottery Place History – Shop the beautiful Historic Pottery Mall – Redwing, MN

Pottery Place History – Shop the beautiful Historic Pottery Mall – Redwing, MN

Red Wing pottery refers to American stonewarepottery, or dinnerware items made by a company initially set up in Red Wing, Minnesota, in 1861 by German immigrant John Paul, which changed its names several times until finally settling on Red Wing Potteries, Inc. in 1936. The pottery factory that started in 1861 continues to the present day under the names of Red Wing Pottery and Red Wing Stoneware. There was a respite in production when Red Wing Pottery Sales, Inc. had a strike in 1967 causing them to temporarily cease trading. The company still makes both zinc/Bristol glazed products as well as salt-glazed, hand-thrown, kiln fired items

Visit and shop the beautiful Historic Pottery Mall. Two floors full of antiques & collectibles with a wide variety of items for everyone to enjoy!

Pottery Place History

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