Chris Pomeleo: Prohibition Barber – Minneapolis, MN

Chris Pomeleo: Prohibition Barber – Minneapolis, MN

“I think all ambulances need a barber chair option instead of just a gurney.”

Thirteen years ago, I started giving haircuts in the middle of war while I was in the Army.
My Troop needed haircuts, and I found something I was actually good at that could immediately make folks feel better.  It changed my life forever.

Fast forward to today.  My busy little shop is closed for now, and life as we knew it is changing.  But this week, outta nowhere, I was approached by @hennepinems and asked if could donate some cuts and shaves to help raise spirits for some of the most important people in our city during these uncertain times. To say I’m honored is an understatement. Spending time with folks out on the front lines, is something I seem to do good at. The Infantry gave me that. I know the news seems scary right now, but we are gonna be ok. We have some incredible folks watching over our cities, day and night🚑🚒🚓…and the laughter and banter between them isn’t of doom and gloom. It’s of hope and summer barbecues. They know this too shall pass!

BTW-my barber chair is still set up in their breakroom, and I’m not moving it ’til they’re all taken care of. -Chris Pomeleo 💈


“I love making people feel good about themselves. I first learned the special trade of being a barber in the middle of Baghdad, while I was in the Army. After my days of normal duty, I would set up my little barber station in the basement of Saddam Hussein’s palace, and cut Soldiers’ hair. I learned a lot, but more importantly, I found out how much I wanted people to feel like they were the only thing that mattered while they were in my chair. Now, 7 years later, I am a barber and doing what I love! My job is making people look and feel their best – and that makes me a pretty lucky guy. When you get your hair cut, you should be treated like a King or Queen, and I’m the guy to take care of you. I’m classically trained in the art of Barbering, and will take as much pride in your appearance as you would.”

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