Meet The Bailey’s:  Wood Mosaic Artists, Dog Lovers, and Pun Aficionados – Duluth, MN

Meet The Bailey’s: Wood Mosaic Artists, Dog Lovers, and Pun Aficionados – Duluth, MN

Anna and Nathanael




We find beauty in the weathered, discarded, and worn, creating handcrafted wood art that adds cozy warmth and inviting personality to any room. Whether you’re hanging one of our pieces in your home, visiting our store, staying in our loft or simply saying hello to us on the street, we want to bring simplicity and peace to your busy life.


Handcrafted wood mosaics to warm any home: It all starts with the wood. We find lumber with a legacy, a story buried in the grain. Then, we cut, design and assemble our pieces to tell that story through pattern, texture and color.


Art by @annabaileyart & @nathanael.bailey



Once fueled cars, now fuels art: We’ve transformed and revitalized a 1930s-era gas station nestled in the historic Spirit Valley neighborhood of West Duluth into a warm, comforting place where you can browse, buy and even bunk.

Creative artist, structured stud = one crafty duo: I discovered I really loved making things in 2014. This was about the same time I discovered the things I loved making were things people wanted to buy. I started with furniture, but it was the mosaic wall art that I made from the scraps of my furniture projects that really took off, quickly becoming a full-time business for me and my husband, Nathanael.


Now, we’ve expanded our team to ten (not including our two shop dogs), and we’ve been able to build a life around providing warmth, comfort and inspiration for others.

Yes, we’re big dreamers. Yes, we’re risk takers. But we’re not chasing money. Success, to us, is a life spent loving what we do. It’s in creating a gathering place for our community at our shop. And it’s in bringing calm and simplicity to every life we can.

We hope to see you soon,

Anna and Nathanael

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