The Hennepin: Images of Solidarity, Anger, Hope and Bravery

The Hennepin: Images of Solidarity, Anger, Hope and Bravery

Hosting the photography of @moveforjusticenews in our gallery at @thehennepin has been an honor.  Thank you to these amazing photographers who put their bodies on the line to capture incredible images of solidarity, anger, hope and bravery, including these by @liberationlensmedia.


The Hennepin is a nonprofit event center located in the heart of the Hennepin Theatre District in downtown Minneapolis.

Our century-old building contains beautiful indoor spaces, a rooftop patio and an outdoor terrace. It is ideal for weddings, corporate functions, social events, and conventions or seminars. Our expansive studio space and exclusive art gallery are the perfect rooms for live theater, concerts, art exhibits and dance rehearsals.
All profits from events at The Hennepin support Hennepin Theatre Trust’s artistic and educational programs. When you host an event at The Hennepin, you can take pride in the fact that your hard-earned money is being used to benefit the community and sustain the arts in Minneapolis and across Minnesota.

Special rates and arrangements are available for nonprofits and artists. We scale our rates for your situation. We want to be your home for events, meetings and performances.

Hennepin Theatre Trust, owner of The Hennepin, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization.

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