Million’s Crab – Maplewood, MN

Million’s Crab – Maplewood, MN

Million’s Crab – Seafood Restaurant

At MILLION’S CRAB, we strive to serve the freshest and tastiest seafood in town while ensuring guests enjoy themselves!

We provide different kinds of seafood and sauce with different spicy levels.

We prefer to call it the magic of seafood with fresh seafood!


MILLION’S CRAB is created from the people that created the Juicy Seafood and Naked Crab franchises with over ten years of experience and restaurants in Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, WIsconsin and Minnesota. The combined experience, MILLIONS CRAB brings and authentic cajun seafood restaurant, with seafood boils and American flair. MILLION’S CRAB serves uniquily flavored seafood dishes with seasonings from all over the world with traditional southern style of cooking.

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