The Bakken Museum: Find Your Spark. Change The World. – Minneapolis, MN

The Bakken Museum: Find Your Spark. Change The World. – Minneapolis, MN

The Spark exhibit challenges visitors to see scientific innovation as a creative process that often requires new ways of approaching everyday problems. Great innovations can be inspired by the humanities, nature, and even pop culture.

– Michael Sanders, President & CEO of The Bakken Museum

Inspiration and innovation are cornerstones of our human experience. Together they form a cycle of discovery that people use to shape the world. This cycle begins with a spark. A spark can be anything that transforms someone from a consumer into a creator. They motivate us to make what we want to see. They can be intensely personal or literally global in their scale. The Spark Exhibition explores these moments to reveal a diverse and uniquely human tradition, one that fuels our wildest imaginations and satisfies our most practical concerns. What inspires you? How will you innovate?


  •  Innovation Inspired by Nature – walk through an immersive mural experience exploring the ways people use strategies from nature to solve human challenges.
  •  Bakkenspiel – play physical and digital musical instruments to discover computer and musical languages.
  •  Animation Station – create a stop-motion movie by photographing still images of created scenes that thread
    together into an animated sequence.
  •  Collaboration Canvas – move your body to collaborate with machines and create virtual paint strokes and splatters in this kinetic, full body interactive.
  •  Magic Book – turn the pages of this one of a kind book to bring science fiction literature to life!
  •  Bakken Booth – step in to our phone booth to hear how communication has changed over time to connect people and cultures. Keep an eye out for secret codes to the Bakken Booth hidden throughout the exhibit!
  •  Personal Prostheses 2.0 – an updated version of our popular Personal Prosthesis exhibit. Uncover how individuals inspire innovations in the field of prosthetics.

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