Marc Heu Paris Macaroons – St. Paul, MN

Marc Heu Paris Macaroons – St. Paul, MN

Everybody knows the iconic French macaron, but have you tried them in flavors like Yuzu Lime and Dark Chocolate Passionfruit?

Have these beautiful, bite-sized pastries catered for your next event.

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Pastry Shop

Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris is a pastry shop and online store located in Saint Paul, MN, specializing in French pastries, desserts, wedding cakes and catering.


The Mission of Marc Heu Pâtisserie, Paris is to create a magical experience that will transport you to Paris with every delightful bite of our luscious, elegant and artistic French pastries.


Offering pastries made with only the highest quality ingredients found in the world.


Uniting the highest standard of French artistry and craftsmanship with inspiration drawn from global flavors, to create the most delectable and beautiful pastries.


Teaching our customers about the history, tradition and evolution of French pastries with every visit.

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