Golden Magazine: A Student-Run Lifestyle Magazine at the University of Minnesota

Golden Magazine: A Student-Run Lifestyle Magazine at the University of Minnesota

Fashion Week MN: Did you know that one of our shows, Golden Runway, was produced by a student group at the University of Minnesota?
Golden Magazine is a student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine at the University of Minnesota. Founded last spring, Golden provides a creative outlet on campus for students interested in pursuing a career in media or related industries. The organization focuses on pushing the boundaries of typical fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content through a lens of what’s relevant to communities at the University of Minnesota and the broader Twin Cities. The staff produces one digital magazine each semester, along with a steady stream of content across their blog and social media channels. Recently, Golden has focused on broadening their community involvement and building relationships with local businesses and individuals – which is ultimately what led them to apply for a producer slot in this fall’s Fashion Week MN.Golden is made up of an abundance of creative and dedicated young students who cannot wait to share their hard work and talent at this fall’s Golden Runway show. Check them out on social media (@goldenmagumn across all channels) and stay tuned for their second issue coming this December!

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Golden is a digital media strategy founded at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – run by students, for everyone. Golden embraces the power of getting dressed, celebrates the individual, and strives to break the boundaries of typical fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. We feature an online magazine, blog, and social media presence on several platforms.


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