Northeast Minneapolis: Meet Peter, Master Tulip Gardener

Northeast Minneapolis: Meet Peter, Master Tulip Gardener

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Meet Peter. Master tulip gardener and long time Northeast Minneapolis resident. In 1948, he immigrated to NE Mpls from Holland. He and his wife Etta Aelis have been married 62 years! They’ve lived in the same house in NE for the past 32 years. Peter and Etta Aelis have many children and are very active in their local church. It was only four years ago that Peter retired from work and now pours his heart into his garden. He said he plants his tulip bulbs in the fall and this year he was able to get the #1 bulb from Holland. Later in the summer, he’ll grow some the best tomatoes and enough kale to freeze and last throughout the winter for a famous Holland stew he and Etta Aelis make. His yard is always stunning, but his tulips are spectacular because his dad was a tulip and vegetable farmer in Holland and he trained with him for a few years. Neighbors describe Peter as a kind man with a good family. When asked what he loves about Northeast, Peter says that he loves the neighborhood, that he has good neighbors, and that it’s close to downtown and the Mississippi River. Peter is 91 years young, but you’d never guess it. He stays active and keeps a positive spirit. Gardening is his life. From sun up to sun down, he gardens. His yard is immaculate and brings so much beauty to the neighborhood. Thank you, Peter, for sharing your remarkable story and for bringing joy to our community. _______________________________________ A special thanks to Peter’s neighbor, @jackiemyhoney, for sharing his story and these stunning photos with us. 🌷🌷🌷If you’d like to leave a message for Peter, comment below. Jackie plans to share this post with him. He doesn’t have Instagram. 😆 #bestofnempls

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