Askov Finlayson: Freshwater

Askov Finlayson: Freshwater

Freshwater is a documentary that dives into the cold waters of Lake Superior along Minnesota’s North Shore. Despite the fact that it contains ten percent of Earth’s freshwater, this massive force of nature remains largely unexplored. One group of people, however, is intimately aware of its power. From the surfers who catch its waves to the scientists who study its depths, learn why Lake Superior is a precious resource that should never be taken for granted.

FRESHWATER – Trailer from 515 Productions on Vimeo


Upcoming Minneapolis Screenings

May 20th and 21st at 7pm at the newly-renovated MSP Film at The Main (formerly known as the St. Anthony Main Theater).

Following the screening on Saturday, May 21st, Askov Finlayson will host a panel discussion with members of the film’s cast and crew to examine the complexities of protecting freshwater from the threat of climate change and the importance of preserving Lake Superior as a resource for future generations.


All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation.


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