Salt Lake Birding & Wildlife Viewing in Southern Minnesota

Salt Lake Birding & Wildlife Viewing in Southern Minnesota

Illustration courtesy of Bill Reynolds

Listen to their songs: Minnesota Bird Songs

 All recordings courtesy of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds

Birding site. Every spring as many as 100 birders from around the state make the trip to Salt Lake for a long birding weekend. A good place in high water times for migrating grebes and ducks, in low water years it can be exceptional for shorebirds. Open 24/7 and free!

Salt Lake WMA: Main Unit

Game Species: Deer, Small Game, Pheasants, Waterfowl

County: Lac Qui Parle
Nearest Town: Marietta
Directions: From Marietta, go 3 miles S on CSAH 7, 1 mile W on Twp Rd
Area: 768.89 acres
Perimeter: 7.39 miles

Boundary is approximate, please respect private property and obey boundary signs.
Contact us: We welcome comments on this WMA’s facilities or habitat conditions.

Salt Lake WMA

2100 111th Ave
Marietta, MN 56208




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